The Spark of Divine

We are all holding a spark of Divine Light.

We are birthers of art and life in many ways and many forms. We are all offspring birthed from mothers in this lifetime, and beyond.Throughout time and space we have been birthed by those who came before us.

We are the daughters of the sky, the sons of the sea, birthed of trees and stars, earth, air, fire and water. Some mothers are known to us and others are not, some mothers are lost to us on the river of time…and some will come to us in unexpected ways.

Some mothers are seen, heard, felt, honored and loved. Other mothers must be released to their own life path and choices. Some mothers are challengers. Others are chosen and gifted through friendship and deep connection.

Some of us may be mothers and grandmothers, others not, yet we carry the spark of love whether birthed through the womb or the heart. This matters not, for love…mother energy, true mother energy is a divine spark. Laughter on the wind, soft tending, companioning presence or bubbling delight are simply ways it, this love, this divine mother love, is communicated. I comes from within. From the source spark…It is yours.

We all hold the spark of Divine Energy. We birth mother and grandmother ideas into action. We nurture, holding our self and one another, in thought and response. We birth art and life in all kinds of dynamic and subtle ways, like blossoms on the tree of life we are always extending our inner spark. We may extend with friends, loved ones, others, of find that spark is met when connecting in nature, communing with elementals and caring for beloveds who are four-legged, winged, finned and creatures of the heart…all ways, always…the divine spark is active.

And we must each learn to mother ourselves, throughout our whole life, turning the divine spark to shine light within.

We must Mother our wonder, teach and sing the lullaby that soothes pain when it comes. And is does come…so let us warm the heart, encircle our body and life with love, respond to our own tender soul with words of wisdom, and light the bonfires with passion and joy…when we are expressing love, feeling grief, activating life and rising our light.

May this day of honoring reflect your own Loving Energy. That which is present and held within, is yours and Divine. Divinely Yours.

Needed, seen, heard, and Honored by us all…

Happy Day. Happy Every Day.

With love to all,



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