Deluxe Child Archetypes + Oracle Deck

Explore the child archetypes and inner children in this luscious deluxe deck, large guidebook and wheel!


THE PERFECT DECK that explores the power of healing, exploration and integration, while honoring the archetypal or inner children that reflect, inspire and influence you.


What You Receive:
  • Gorgeous and evocative original art frames each of the 36 child archetypes cards in this magnificent oversized oracle deck.
  • PLUS a large full color guidebook and separate archetypal wheel for ongoing exploration and creative play.
  • A unique way to discover the archetypal and hidden inner children who live within your own life story.
  • Perfect for those who are fascinated by mythic, esoteric and psycho-spiritual awareness.
  • The deck reflects a Jungian approach to depth, archetypes and parts of self work.
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Child Archetypes Wheel

Our distinctive archetypal wheel is a special added bonus to this deck. A creative depth tool to use with your oracle deck or to explore separately with your own stories and art, the wheel is something you will use again and again, within your own process.

Individual Voice

Perfect for inspired creative exploration, depth work, journey process, inquiry and interplay through the lens of self-discovery.
The oracles offer individual voice, exploring dynamic and individual child archetypes.
Each child, through the lens of interchangeable pronouns – she, he or they – holds unique energies that encompass a modern exploration of experience including challenges, shadow stories and hidden gifts. This is a new and exciting approach to archetypal exploration focused on unique experience, unusual abilities, secret strengths and inner child work.

Claim your Journey

Each of the thirty-six Oracle of the Lost Children are expressed through archetypal types: Orphan, Wounded, Eternal, Magical, Nature, Wild, Divine, Mythic and Wise.
In addition to the children, there are cross-pollinated symbolic and mythic references held within each card, offering an added layer of intrigue.
Each of the child archetypes will give tremendous insights, many hold fascinating clues and others are aligned with mythic presence. Guidebook offers guiding principles, unique spreads and tools of inquiry!
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Extended Ways to Deepen + Play!

Add on the insightful Self-Guided eCourse:



Experience a powerful guided and self-paced journey process, dive deep with archetypes, art-making, story-mining, mythic writing and creative inquiry + new community forum!
Meet Cat & Claire!
The authors offer a powerful exploration of archetypes and the world of inner children, the deck, wheel, guidebook and optional eCourse are intended to enhance your art and life.
Cat Caracelo is a seeker, thinker and dreamer who has created a global community in JourneyPath Institute. This Institute is dedicated to creative depth and Jungian approaches to psycho-spiritual inquiry, experiential learning and art as healing. Cat is an artist, master depth coach and "guidess" who explores, guides and offers dynamic and esoteric approaches to healing and wholeness.
Claire Gerrard is an artist, lover of nature and mythic dreamer who is deeply connected to her environs, to the land and its lore. She is a prolific mixed media artist, exploring dreams, ancestral connection and visionary exploration through the lens of creative depth work. Claire also explores her love for myth, symbol and alchemy as a jewelry designer.