Depth Coach Certification

Are you ready to learn, grow and activate your unique work, as a Creative Depth Coach?

Move more deeply into developing or augmenting your coaching with the Creative Depth Coaching Certification (CDCC) training program.

The programing includes principles of depth work and core concepts such as Jungian Theory, Psychosynsithis, Parts Work, Narrative Process, Developmental Theory and Archetypal Patterns, well as extended process, symbol, myth and metaphor, expressive art, and advanced use of multi-modal creative process.

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Applications for September 2018 being accepted now.

Personal and Professional

Offered over three distinctive trimesters:

  • Self as Client
  • Coach as Bridge
  • Applied Process

The training moves through ten monthly modules over the course of ten months, with flexibility to adjust and apply the learning to your practice and projects that are ready to be birthed.

A beautifully designed stepping stone curriculum will enhance the development of a unique blended style, building your offerings with Original Voice.

The Experience

You will experience advanced adult learning, exploring multimodal materials, depth process, and narrative coaching.

Integrating multiple theories, psycho-spiritual methodologies, creative approaches, applied process includes developmental ethics, practicum, business building.

Offered cohort style, the program begins twice a year and includes interactive online classroom, group process and individual coaching!

Grow your Practice

Extend and expand your personal and professional work. Integrate principles of depth coaching, expressive art, transformative process, advanced applied process using multimodal expressive arts and structuring.

Focus on core elements of guiding client based work with expressive art and narrative coaching, with:

  • grief, loss and navigating change
  • values, vision and purpose
  • process, practice and patterns of healing/wholeness

With Your Cohort

Each cohort is a small, professional, peer oriented group, that will co-create a strong learning community.

Using core concepts and defined process we move through grief and shadow work, transitioning to developmental growth, the dynamics of healing and expansion. Each module supports various adult learning styles with an emphasis on experiential learning. Each module includes myth work, intuitive ways of knowing and intentional creative process based in Jungian, transpersonal, developmental, strengths based and psycho-spiritual perspectives.

Values, path and purpose, will lead to active visioning, skill building, applied creative coaching, blended process and business strategies that are offered through a series of mastermind materials, later in the program.

You will experience:

  • Ten Monthly Modules of content rich training
  • Supportive and Interactive Educational material
  • Monthly Core Concepts and Mythic Themes
  • Class Calls via Zoom (10)
  • Individual Coaching (7)
  • Group Coaching/Virtual Retreat (3)
  • Dynamic Multi-Modal Creative Experiences
  • Advanced Coaching Tools
  • Archetypal and Depth Process
  • Applied and Experiential Learning
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Coaching Practicum
  • Developing Voice
  • Practice Development + Mastermind
  • Focus Areas (Trimesters): Self, Client, Applied Coaching
  • Peer Exchange in Private Online Classroom + Forum


I have struggled with too many directions but within this stepping stone process I have gained so much knowledge and now am applying that to my work with others, literally moving into a new way of being and bring forward my best qualities, releasing the parts of my old work that were holding me back. This program has surpassed my expectations in all ways, providing a richness that will continue to open and become more utilized as I expand.

– Certified Creative Depth Coach


Because of my depth work with Cat Caracelo, I have been able to navigate challenges from a whole new perspective. This has given me extraordinary strength and personal resources to return to again, and again. Depth coaching has offered me layers of symbol, metaphor and awareness, when combined with creative process, the growth I have experienced has been more than I could imagine. I would highly recommend depth coaching, to anyone.

– Coaching Client

Get instant access to the the CDCC information, overview, program cost, Q + A calls, Mastermind replays and online application:

The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect
but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity.
The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.

– Carl Jung

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