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Inspired Experience + MoonCircles as Creative Catalyst

By Cat Caracelo | May 26, 2023

It is a pleasure to share a new video today…some of the early connection to journey work, art as process, the evolution of MoonCircles™ and how they have helped me to deepen my own work with visual storytelling as a creative catalyst. “Expand your Field and more will come…” This 12 minute video shares more…

Lunar Light + Working with the Night

By Cat Caracelo | May 16, 2023

  Lunar Light + Working with the Night We move through a doorway of the daylight to meet the Night. This happens in all seasons and states… The night rises in our awareness… It often opens up, rather than darkening or dimming ones ability to see.   She is always there…in the Night. The Moon.…

The Spark of Divine

By Cat Caracelo | May 14, 2023

We are all holding a spark of Divine Light. We are birthers of art and life in many ways and many forms. We are all offspring birthed from mothers in this lifetime, and beyond.Throughout time and space we have been birthed by those who came before us. We are the daughters of the sky, the…

New Retreat Video + Joy in the Gathering

By Cat Caracelo | May 12, 2023

Listen to my joy in the journey as I share more of what is being planned for the next retreat. I share some history of how I am inspired to choose, craft and consider the retreat details far in advance. Find out more of what being envisioned and invited in this divine gathering for women,…

May is Moon Month!

By Cat Caracelo | May 9, 2023

Presenting the Oracle She Card

By Cat Caracelo | March 28, 2023

I wanted to share my inspiration that birthed the new Oracle She card… This beautiful and energized card is newly designed to be a significant part of the new course/program working with Archetypes of Midlife, and she is so much more. My love for Oracle She has been with me since I was a small…

Make a JourneyCircles™ Flip Book!

By Cat Caracelo | March 27, 2023

For more information on JourneyCircles™ Process  >>

FREE Masterclass

By Cat Caracelo | March 17, 2023

You are Invited! FREE Masterclass: Midlife Magic | Creative Ways to Navigate Life at Every Age Tuesday March 21st, 2023 Plus receive a 7-Day Replay We are gathering for a two hour Midlife Magic Masterclass to explore the amazing creative ways we can foster archetypal guidance that brings potent and affirming self-sourced support, at any…

Creativity + Active Dreaming

By Cat Caracelo | April 13, 2022

Dreaming is a powerful connective conduit to the creative process. Dreaming is the first place we experience the Sacred Journey, catching glimpses of how big we are, how small we feel, where we are tripped up, how fierce we might be if all of our anger was unleashed and what fearless feels like when we…

What we do and why we LOVE it!

By Cat Caracelo | February 20, 2022

I work with so many people and we are ALWAYS talking about what we love and why! Like looking at a beautiful landscape and then stepping through the gate to move onto the path that brings us into new experience or place, we gather to connect and create movement. The individuals in our communities and small…