Coaching for Personal Transformation

As a depth coach I guide process that will support you to deepen healing and build a powerful, dynamic relationship with your whole self. Through this process you will experience transformative healing, and a strong sense of your journey that brings clarity, integration and full expression.

The coaching relationship is designed to expand your capacity for inner reflection and deeper understanding that activates conscious awareness, discernment, choice and voice. Opening yourself to new possibility is experienced through these distinctive styles of coaching.

Depth Coaching

Approached with a Jungian perspective, Depth Coaching explores ones inner landscape, though the lens of parts of self, archetypal energies, shadow stories and personal myths. Depth Coaching reflects and illuminates the healing journey, developmental growth and integration.

Conscious Life Design

Aligned with ones rising consciousness, this Life Design coaching process establishes a larger vision and assists to redefine ones values, strengths and directed visioning into action that will help to map, structure and guide expression, expansion and personal evolution.

Professional Mentoring

Customized for those who are refining, redefining or launching a new project, transforming professional identity, or bringing complex ideas into focus and action. Professional mentoring supports directed movement for significant projects and expanding the vision and reach of one's life-work.

Depth Coaching + Personal Transformation

Choosing to work with a coach is a powerful way to transform your life. You will experience healing as old energies and experiences release their hold, opening up space for you to reclaim your deep desires, finding purpose, passion and unique abilities that will help you to create the life you have always known is possible.

Session Details

Coaching sessions are one hour, two to four sessions per month and offered by Phone or Zoom.

Extended process for all styles of coaching can include:

  • Extended Coaching Sessions
  • Half-Day Intensive Sessions
  • Designed Intensives, one to tree days, for expanded process and development
  • Multi-Day Personal Intensive/Retreat Time, with you that may include location, travel and arrangements where additional costs will apply
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My role as a coach and my commitment to you:

  • As a coach, I am committed to your goals – helping you to identify your priorities and intentions.
  • As a guide, I will assist you in creating goals and structures to help your process of discovery.
  • As a touchstone, I will create a sacred space, which consists of our coaching environment and ongoing communication; that holds trust, confidentiality and honoring.
  • As a support, I will provide witnessing, feedback, ideas and process that will offer you increased clarity, balance, integration, direction and movement.
  • As a professional, I will provide a safe and confidential environment in which you can discover and transform. I will honor the ethical boundaries of holistic life coaching, depth work and expressive arts. If at any time I am concerned that your experience within the coaching needs additional support, I will consult with you and suggest complementary or alternative options.
  • As a co-creative partner, I will celebrate your life unfolding in new and amazing ways!

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