About the Institute

JourneyPath Institute offers distinctive training programs such as Creative Depth Coaching Certification, Facilitator Training and a unique multi-modal practice, process and product called JourneyCircles™.

JourneyPath Institute is an online adult learning environment designed to offer:

  • A Jungian approach to Depth Work, utilizing Narrative Process, Myth, Story, Expressive Art, coaching concepts and tools to develop ones own process and expand your original voice when working with self, individuals and groups.
  • A strong emphasis on blended and experiential learning, offered with easy access module learning, in a interactive, easy to use, global university platform. All programs have valuable supportive materials, video, audio and written manual, interactive share space, with group calls and individual coaching support offered in advanced training.
  • Extended educational opportunities for general interest, facilitator and advanced coach training, all are intended to build on your wisdom and advance your experience in the fields of arts-based healing, applied coaching tools, wellness practice, embodied experience, art as ritual and transformative process.
  • Comprehensive and flexible programs offered globally, in an interactive classroom.

Training is offered to anyone interested in this approach, designed to enhance understanding of blended process, psycho-spritual exploration, creative/experiential process and integration, for personal and professional advancement.

What is Creative Depth Coaching?

Many RiversCreative Depth Coaching is a hybrid form of coaching that combines traditional and narrative coaching with healing modalities, transformative art and depth process to engage wisdom, self-discovery and healing. Deep thinkers, healers and seekers often yearn for this type of inner exploration to fuel their purpose and passion.

For the Creative Depth Coach, the integration of Jungian-based depth work, psychosynthesis, expressive arts, narrative process and strengths based personal growth, offers a non-pathologizing approach to deep healing and aligned wholeness. This fresh and dynamic perspective invites the client to explore their own material of life, engaging discovery, building on restorative healing and developmental practice.

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Cat Caracelo

Cat Caracelo


Cat Caracelo M.A. is the founder of JourneyPath Institute; a coach, educator, artist and “guidess” working for many years with individuals and groups. Cat is the author of Gathering Wholeness, the creator of the JourneyCircles™ process, and has created and led Mythos Journey and Quest community based eCourses offered continuously for well over a decade. Cat has designed and developed an innovative approach to depth coaching, visual narrative and integrative creative process. She is the lead teacher of Creative Depth Coaching Certification, and has designed all of the JourneyPath Institute programs and trainings.Cat continues to work with cliens in a thriving coaching practice and leads retreats in the United States and Europe. For more about >>> Cat Caracelo and Retreats

A message from Cat

I have spent many years recognizing and working with the paradoxes, complexities and shadow material of my own life. I continue to explore my life stories and unravel experiences through the multifaceted lens of the psyche and the inner landscape. This is the most potent and powerful approach to living a creative, full and balanced life, that I have ever experienced. Incorporating intuitive creativity, symbolic language and coaching tools, I took my own experiences and designed a unique and dynamic Depth Coaching process that inspires wellness, wholeness and choice. Designing life with conscious attention and creative inspiration is always a personal, dynamic and an ever-changing journey, for us all. This translates into my work with thousands of women who are committed to creating positive change their lives through Depth Coaching, Mythos Journey eCourse, attending my beloved Goddess Retreats, as well as the individual depth coaching and customized mentoring offered at >>> Cat Caracelo.

JourneyPath Institute offers eCourses and programs that will meet the needs of unique, creative and dynamic women who are committed to enhance and experience life, diving deep, healing deeper and expanding out with newfound strength, awareness and vision.