Art as Process

These pages are designed for those wanting distinctive and powerful ways to access healing and assist transformation.

Calling all seekers, deep thinkers, artists, teachers, creatives, life-long learners, facilitators, psychotherapists, guides, coaches, art therapists, educators, intuitive and healing professionals who are ready to deepen, explore, express and expand!


Offered as a product, creative process and training, these are powerful for reflecting and mapping our own stories, redefining life by creating interactive cards, using collage and mixed media, that support healing.

Explore the journey...


Offered as a product, creative process and training, discover a distinctive practice offering a unique way to work with the Moon as a powerful feminine, symbolic and reflective tool.

Aspects of creative focus include archetype, energy, wisdom and wild.

Art + Healing Resources

Art as a healing practice, creates a space for expressive action and engaged transformative process.

Art as process serves as a guide, and catalyst where the active engagement of art-making invites discovery, transformation, healing and wholeness.