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Become a JourneyCircles™ + MoonCircles™ Facilitator in the comfort of your home!

Get everything you need delivered to you, including materials, on-line training and ongoing community.


  • Deepen Healing + Wholeness with JourneyCircles™ 
  • Express your Wisdom + Wild with MoonCircles™ 
  • Develop your offerings using dynamic, powerful and expressive creative techniques and tools.
  • Connect to the symbolism of the circle as you explore the six distinctive card types and discover the hundreds of ways you can lead and guide process.
  • Expand and enhance your offerings using expressive, transformative and narrative arts to tap into the power of art making as a catalyst for change.

Amazing 2 for 1 program, with huge benefits, with tons of bonus elements, no travel expenses, offered with guided process, forever access, ongoing support, experiential learning and creative teaching tools!  

  • Comprehensive global classroom and exciting diverse community offers a powerful creative coaching experience.
  • Enhance and grow your offerings with this simple, deep and potant facilitator training that is offered with audio, video and written materials PLUS forever access.
  • Expand your reach with ongoing staff support, bonus materials, facilitator forum and interactive community calls twice a year!

$999.00 $749.00


Personal and Professional

For coaches, therapists, facilitators, educators, guides, healers and those interested in expanding a personal or professional practice.

The process is designed to offer a powerful catalyst when working with individual clients, groups, workshops and retreats. For professional you can use the distinctive JourneyCircles™ + MoonCircles™ processes as sacred containers, story-forms and creative mapping tools to explore a wide variety of topics and approaches.

The experiential approach offered in both trainings will deepen your personal exploration, offer specific tools to expand your offerings and work in the world.

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The Experience

Facilitator + Guide Trainings are offered in comprehensive self guided online classrooms with ample support provided by teaching staff and a shared experience with art and process provided by fellow facilitators.

Art as Process guides the learning journey, with techniques and tools provided at each layer of experience. 

Work with visual art and symbol in a new way, adding to your repertoire and developing a stronger base of narrative methodologies and expressive art process to assist your personal exploration and professional offerings.

Be guided through the process with written materials, videos, recordings and interactive sharing in each module!

Why JourneyCircles™ + MoonCircles™?

They are fun, circular, hold in your hand, amazing, creative, symbolically rich spaces - as you touch, create, make marks and layer images and materials each cards becomes a "reflecting pool of information, full of stories, symbols and feelings that flow from the deep psyche.

JourneyCircles™ + MoonCircles™ are multi-modal and complementary to exploring our depth, life and storied lives, making space for new insights and awareness!

These are interactive creative forms that also complement other modalities and expressive art approaches such as SoulCollage®, Body Mapping and Art Journaling. Each offers a powerful and unique creative process that will deepen healing, provide understanding and expand possibility.

Explore important symbolic references, using your favorite modalities and learn how to integrate JourneyCircles™ + MoonCircles™ to develop deeper connections to visual narrative and advance your personal or professional work in unique ways.

The process is easy, intuitive, and expansive - it is both expressive art and transformative process, grounded in depth psychology, these forms are useful for leading and guiding circles, workshops and retreats, as well as being a powerful coaching tool for working with individuals.

Training Includes

Expand Your Personal + Professional Practice

    • JourneyCircles™️ + MoonCircles™️  Facilitators Materials Box (137 pieces - sent by US Priority Mail)
    • Two dedicated global classrooms
    • Comprehensive Training Modules (e-delivered)
      • Videos and audios complement the materials offered with each module
      • Professional and Personal Growth Models
      • Creative, Mindfulness and Experiential Process to complement each module
    • 24/7 Forever Access to the Interactive Classrooms
    • 14+ MP3 Group Recordings complement both trainings


NEW Training Bundle!

      • JourneyCircles™ Facilitator + MoonCircles™ Guide Training are now offered as 2 for 1 Training!
      • Each training classroom offers you distinctive and connected ways to share expressive, creative and symbolic art-making to enhance your transformative work with yourself and guiding process for individuals, circles and groups.
      • JourneyCircles™ offers art making and facilitation techniques that are a perfect complement for those leading mixed media and thematic workshops + retreats that support contemplative creativity, healing, depth, journey, personal growth, wellness and visioning.
      • MoonCircles™ offers art making and facilitation techniques that are a perfect complement for leading esoteric, healing and psycho-spiritual workshops including New Moon, Full Moon and Goddess Circles + Retreats
      • Live + Recorded Training Sessions

To further your learning + expand your professional community:

      • Forever access to on-line classroom + all materials, recordings and community share forums
      • Facilitator Tribe Facebook Group
      • In depth connection with Cat Caracelo and JPI Staff
      • Annual Facilitator Calls + Special Offerings
      • Advanced training opportunities available for those who have completed the Facilitator trainings

For your own offerings:

    • Exclusive use of JourneyCircles™ Licensed Facilitator + MoonCircles™ Guide Badge/Logo
    • Exclusive use of specific branded promotional images and materials
    • Myriad ways to use JourneyCircles™ + MoonCircles™ in individual and group process
    • Specific sessions to use JourneyCircles™ + MoonCircles™ as blended process with SoulCollage® and other expressive arts modalities
    • New offerings to develop practice using creative mapping, constellation work, chakra, parts work and narrative storytelling
    • Expanded process for coaches, facilitators, educators, therapists, practitioners, bodyworkers, creatives, embodied arts and healers to develop new approaches for 1:1 offerings + sessions, workshops and retreats offerings
    • Deep discount (40% Off) on ALL cards and materials, in bulk packs of #100, for facilitators personal and professional use

What Facilitators are Saying

JourneyCircles™ + MoonCircles™ offer me a fascinating and new way to explore with collage, imagery, incorporating words and poetry. I have been able to use images that could not land before in other forms, opening my inner process and expanding my work with mandalas and creative mapping. These round cards complement and enhance my SoulCollage® practice. Thank you for creating such a beautiful process!

–  Facilitator


I wanted to find a way to connect clients to the transformative arts process and make this a part of my client offerings, as a whole. Cat gave me excellent suggestions for this expansion within the training, for the 1:1 session work I want to start integrating. I was led to work deeply with my own art as I move through each module, that hands on learning emphasized how this will advance my own growth as an educator and practitioner.

–  Facilitator


My work has evolved so much since I have worked with Cat Caracelo as a coach, participating in Mythos Journey eCourse and now having completed the MoonCircles™ and JourneyCircles™ Facilitator Training. I can feel the expansion of my inner awareness, voice and confidence. This is the most important work I have ever done and I am very excited to expand my offerings with New Moon Gatherings and more clients coming my way!

– Facilitator

Ready to become a Licensed Facilitator?

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Enjoy this bundled offer, two trainings for one amazing price!!


$999.00 $749.00

More Testimonials and Facilitator Experience!


The thoroughness of the program equips you to move right into facilitating. It also gives you such an excellent foundation for your own creative and transformative practice. Everything that you learn and do in the course and going forward, you can bring forward into your offerings and will help you guide others. There is so much wisdom to be gain by working through this course.

– JourneyCircles Facilitator






Thank you, Cat, for bringing JourneyCircles™ to the world! This is by far the most important training I have taken as it forms a basis for my personal and professional work that is unmatched by other systems, yet can be used along with other systems to enhance personal process, be it depth work or visioning work.

– JourneyCircles Facilitator



I have been very impressed with the professionalism in the way the material has been presented.  It has the educational caliber of a high-level university seminar. Creating a space of intimacy and confidentiality online requires astute handling of interaction and exchange.  The depth of the content reflects the intention of the offerings, a process to use professionally if so desired.  Cat, you have delivered it in a magnificent way.

– JourneyCircles Facilitator

Cat Caracelo

A Message from Cat Caracelo

I am passionate about the energy that is created through art-making, sharing our truth in image, exploring the narrative form and connecting through community circles where we can support one another. My deep desire for JourneyCircles™ Facilitators is that the dynamic design of the process will offer an inspirational field, bringing the language of visual narrative, applied art and creative mapping to your own exploration and moving the potency of "mapping the journey" into your offerings and circles of influence.

JourneyCircles™ is designed to enhance YOUR work in the world!

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