Map of JourneyPath Institute

JourneyPath Institute promotes integrative depth work, transformative process and expressive art to support healing, wholeness and expansion.

Be guided along The Spiral Path of Experience, where each phase is compelling, active and alive. Notice what draws you in and find programs that are aligned.

The journey will guide you, whether you are new here and dipping in, diving deeper into discovery or finding flow in advanced path work.

All programs are inspired with intuitive, creative and wisdom based learning, where experiential process becomes a profound way to ignite conscious awareness and transformational change.



The space of Entering is a source of self-guided awareness. The mirror represents the pooling water of personal connection, where we enter again and again. A deeper reflection evokes a new response. Image, symbol and creative experience invite you to enter.



Seeking holds an energy of trust and movement. It is here where you are willing to step in and explore new territory. The boat invites you to be curious as it turns you in the direction of seeking and finding.



The space of Healing is held within the fortress of the heart. It is here where you will travel beyond the walls of protection to meet the wounded places within the self. Healing happens where pain, shame, sorrow, grief and loss are offered sacred space to be acknowledged.

Dip In

Explore easy access offerings to deepen your connection to experience and expression, through mark-making, visual narrative, creative inquiry and art as process in this unique creative depth approach.



Growing is an invitation to step into a new story. It is connected and active; a space where awareness opens to explore possibilities. Rich with potential, growing honors all of the rhythms and ways of expression and expansion.



Holding is the experience of being renewed. It is a place of refreshed perspective. The hidden wellspring, once discovered, will continue to flow. Holding is the opportunity to be present to wisdom and be witness to potential.

Dive Deep

Engage the journey as you move into the deeper layers of personal myth, archetypal awareness, empowerment and transformation. Experience the power of delving into expanded process.



The space of Guidance is a path of self-determined desire and direction. Explore your next steps and become divinely inspired to cultivate trust in phases of experience and ways of learning.



Purpose reveals insight and inspiration, a potent path for inviting an aligned life. A process of defining and aligning, this is a space of stretching into voice and choice, while understanding cycles of expanded experience.



A space of consistent and conscious connection, in self and community. Presence, awareness and perspective offers advanced path work that is supported by programs in the realms of mystery and mastery.

Find Flow

Expand your depth work through experiential, mythopoetic and psycho-spiritual connection, exploring evolutionary growth and professional development in advanced path communities.