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All Programs, Retreats + eCourses are delivered in a beautiful, easy-access, global classrooms with guided groups or self-paced options. Explore and engage symbol, image, meaning and message using creative inquiry, visual narrative and art as process. Enjoy a blend of mixed media approaches and bring your favorite musing, marking and making materials as you engage and expand your art and life. We offer experiential, intuitive and intentional ways to access your own depth, healing and wellspring of wisdom, with personal and professional programs.

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FREE Creative Discovery Archetype Quiz

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Free Solstice Journey | 12 Days of Summer

Entering Programs
[Dip In]

Explore easy access offerings to deepen your connection to experience and expression, through mark-making, visual narrative, creative inquiry and art as process in this unique creative depth approach.

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Free Solstice Journey | 12 Days of Summer

Dive Deep Programs

Engage the journey as you move into the deeper layers of personal myth, archetypal awareness, empowerment and transformation. Experience the power of delving into expanded process.

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Awakening Magic: A Child Archetypes Journey [Self-Guided]

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IGNITE: Archetypes of Midlife Into the Wisdom Years [Self-Guided]

NEW ReStorying the Sacred Body | a 9 Week Creative eCourse

Advanced Path Programs
[Find Flow]

Expand your depth work through experiential, mythopoetic and psycho-spiritual connection, exploring evolutionary growth and professional development in advanced path communities.

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Creative Depth Program + Coach Certification


MoonCircles™ Guide Training

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JourneyPath Institute Communities


  • A Mythopoetic Life with Cat Caracelo on Substack
  • The JourneyPath Institute Private Community on Facebook
  • All communities are offered at no charge to cultivate connection and advance the depth and discovery that is intentionally foster here at JourneyPath Insitute.
  • All programs have their own private classroom, with lessons, virtual gatherings, share space, forum and exchange!