Institute Programs

Three Ways to Work with Us

These programs are designed for seekers, teachers, life-long learners, facilitators, artists, psychotherapists, guides, coaches, art therapists, educators, intuitive and healing professionals.

Choose a path that interests, inspires and enriches your life.


Self Guided + Community Based, each course will provide inspiration, distinctive theme, arts based inquiry, guided process, journey work and experiential learning.

Individual Coaching

Explore specific areas of personal interest, including grief, loss, stuck patterns, unmet needs, redefining ones purpose and path, with healing, expression and expansion.

Training Programs

Develop and expand your original voice  with Jungian based training. Experiential learning offers intuitive, intentional and applied growth and transformation.


I have struggled with too many directions but within this stepping stone training process I have gained so much knowledge and now am applying that to my work with others, literally moving into a new way of being and bring forward my best qualities, releasing the parts of my old work that were holding me back. This program has surpassed my expectations in all ways, providing a richness that will continue to open and become more utilized as I expand.

– Certified Creative Depth Coach Training


Because of my depth work with Cat Caracelo, I have been able to navigate challenges from a whole new perspective. This has given me extraordinary strength and personal resources to return to again, and again. Depth coaching has offered me layers of symbol, metaphor and awareness, when combined with creative process, the growth I have experienced has been more than I could imagine. I would highly recommend depth coaching, to anyone.

– Coaching Client