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"Process" Articles

[Video] The Power of Journey Process

By Cat Caracelo | June 9, 2019

The journey process as a creative way offers a playful, exciting  invitational space to  move into relationship with your self, life and awareness, through art making, that often produces profound insights. Creativity is personal and yet it is not isolated to individual process, within a collective the journey guides, evokes and expands how we see…

Masterclass Invitation!

By Cat Caracelo | November 9, 2017

Creative Depth Coaching is a hybrid form of coaching that combines traditional and narrative coaching with healing modalities, transformative art and depth process to engage wisdom, self-discovery and healing. Deep thinkers, healers and seekers often yearn for this type of inner exploration to fuel their purpose and passion. For the Creative Depth Coach, the integration…

Working with Shadow Stories

By Cat Caracelo | May 15, 2017

From Cat Caracelo, Founder of JourneyPath Institute I have a long history working with shadow. Attuning to and honoring the potency of facing fears, I have worked with the depth and delight of remembering that which is mine, that had been dismissed, disowned and dismembered. Shadow sounds scary, and it can feel intense and heavy.…

Guiding Process + Redefining Growth

By Cat Caracelo | February 4, 2017

What is Awakening? Who will you be as your healing journey evolves? Who will you be when your challenges are illuminated? Who will you be as personal blocks are transforming? Who will you be when wounded places are no longer guiding your choices? These are questions that must be explored through active connection, building relationship, developing…

Creative Listening

By Cat Caracelo | July 23, 2016

Its a warm summer Saturday, I am taking my time – stretching in the sun, picking tomatoes and eating them off the vine and kissing clusters of apples that are ripening on my tree. I have work that is calling, art that is beckoning, a trip to the gym, a messy space that needs attention,…