Sovereign Soul | Article + Video – Part 2

Seeking the Sovereign Soul | Part 2

Midlife brings many layers of experience to the surface.

Midlife ushers us through many thresholds with each decade – no matter where you are in your journey it is always now. Some of these experiences challenge us, other times we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory…and these threshold-times can also bring unexpected possibility and excitement.

Experiences change us as we learn, grow and develop our inner knowing in this long, rich and complex time of life. It is here in this span of experience that we most need to peel away the old and reveal the Sovereign Soul.

The Sovereign Soul is a source that invites is to learn to live through the experience of becoming…as we shift awareness meeting new options and needs in roles and responsibilities, there comes a time when the need to meet the integrated and interconnected sovereign soul is no longer an option but a necessity.

This type of traveling, with your own soul, is a viable and deeply meaningful relational pursuit. Regardless of the energies and circumstances that disturb you, the answer is very often sourced inside your life. We are often led back to the presence and essence generated in relationship with our sovereign soul in times of transition. 

You are traveling with your own cycles of self-awareness on the labyrinthine path of life. To understand more of where you are in the journey it can help to recognize:


  • The Human Self that often reacts and needs special tending to move past tears and fear.
  • The Soul Self that guides and leads us to embracing wholeness and accepting vulnerability and fragmentation as part of the whole.
  • The Whole Self who yearns to seek and find the Sacred Source within.
  • The Sacred Self that is sovereign within one’s own knowing, once this path is traveled it is hard to forget what is now embodied.
  • The Sovereign Soul that has taken shape and is the center of the center, a generative energy and place of presence, essence and peace.

In each spiral of life there is risk in the entering, yet with defined ways to engage soul work and explore the potential of your own calling you are able to see and begin to trust the process, understanding how each layer of learning as a new experience is guiding your life. Fear is released and freedom is received. Opening into this divine design always reveals depth and essence.

The overwhelm from the world can lead us to dissociate, drift and disengage…

The creative process can bring us back into a relationship with the Human Self, Soul Self, Whole Self, Sacred Self and Sovereign Soul in ways that provide deep healing, solace, connection and direction… freeing what was once stuck, or fixed, to be able to take new shape.

Ask yourself, as you take some space, what image or shape does your sovereign soul want to express?

Explore and notice what may be quite different, as you explore these ideas.

What does it mean to meet your own center and travel with the sovereign soul as a source of freedom?

To know the soul’s sovereignty, we must also know the shape of our stories. These expose what has already brought us back on the path of inquiry, expression and soul-work.

To be sovereign means to possess one’s own independent power, freedom and ability to live from within.

So many of us have lost connection with our sovereignty, feeling marginalized by life and this is more true in certain parts of midlife…when we find ourselves lost or vulnerable, overwhelmed or burdened. This is where creative process and owning with archetypes and the sovereign soul, will invite a new perspective and view, that leads us back to our center where we can meet and greet, the soul self.

In shamanic settings, we talk about soul retrieval. As individuals, we often experience how the Human Self can be tethered to challenge, experiencing intense empathic and emotional variables. To cope we will seek soothing outside our soul self. Perhaps it is arriving back inside our life that brings us into relationship with our sovereign soul.

Art as ritual and creative process are amazing ways that we connect with our soul, and discover the sacred center. It is through soul growth that our sovereign selves can rise.

Our own maturity and awareness will assist us in relationship with our own sovereign soul. The sovereign soul may feel somewhat vague, or out of reach, and yet it is deeply rooted in our being, innate in us and our life-path awareness.

The sovereign soul has its own identity, knowing and source. It lives within you.

Art as process guides us all in excavating, cultivating and relating to our own inner knowing.

Seek your inner source to Freedom, Expression and Peace.

Soul is the window to the Self that is Whole.

Create and explore where your own Sovereign Soul is awakening.

Watch the Video Part #2 and listen for more ideas that resonate as we continue this creative conversation, from yesterday:



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