"Archetypes" Articles

Inspired Experience + MoonCircles as Creative Catalyst

By Cat Caracelo | May 26, 2023

It is a pleasure to share a new video today…some of the early connection to journey work, art as process, the evolution of MoonCircles™ and how they have helped me to deepen my own work with visual storytelling as a creative catalyst. “Expand your Field and more will come…” This 12 minute video shares more…

New Retreat Video + Joy in the Gathering

By Cat Caracelo | May 12, 2023

Listen to my joy in the journey as I share more of what is being planned for the next retreat. I share some history of how I am inspired to choose, craft and consider the retreat details far in advance. Find out more of what being envisioned and invited in this divine gathering for women,…

The Lovers + The Twins | Archetypes of the Tarot

By Cat Caracelo | May 4, 2023

I have explored archetypes from many perspectives and have always been intrigued by the Major Arcana in the tarot as archetypal source material. The Tarot is an exciting source of symbolic language, offering images that have their roots in alchemy. These are evocative when exploring our own stories through imagery. The Twins or The Lovers as an archetype,…

Exciting Update to JPI Classrooms!

By Cat Caracelo | May 1, 2023

Exciting News! All of our JPI classrooms were updated today with a slightly new look and more features! For those of you who are in JourneyPath Institute (JPI) programs or classes your link and password is the same – check out the new look! The JPI classrooms and your learning library are now updated with…

Presenting the Oracle She Card

By Cat Caracelo | March 28, 2023

I wanted to share my inspiration that birthed the new Oracle She card… This beautiful and energized card is newly designed to be a significant part of the new course/program working with Archetypes of Midlife, and she is so much more. My love for Oracle She has been with me since I was a small…

Make a JourneyCircles™ Flip Book!

By Cat Caracelo | March 27, 2023

For more information on JourneyCircles™ Process  >>

[Video] My Story + Working with Archetypal Energies

By Cat Caracelo | March 27, 2023

I’d love to invite you to join the upcoming IGNITE eCourse, find more details and information here >>  

FREE Masterclass

By Cat Caracelo | March 17, 2023

You are Invited! FREE Masterclass: Midlife Magic | Creative Ways to Navigate Life at Every Age Tuesday March 21st, 2023 Plus receive a 7-Day Replay We are gathering for a two hour Midlife Magic Masterclass to explore the amazing creative ways we can foster archetypal guidance that brings potent and affirming self-sourced support, at any…

Compassion is a Precious Resource

By Cat Caracelo | March 16, 2023

Its been on my heart, and may also be true for you. Compassion is the deep caring for the pain of others, accompanied by a desire to help. It is most often expressed as an outpouring of emotional energy toward others yet compassion in terms of oneself is harder to find, especially at times when…

[VIDEO] What is Midlife anyway?

By Cat Caracelo | March 6, 2023

What is Midlife? Chronological age is beside the point, don’t do the math, explore your current journey to redefine life! We are here to measure midlife in quality and potential at anytime for every women. We are women traveling along a long lifeline that naturally holds many varied experiences. Please listen as I share more…