Seeking the Sovereign Soul | Article + Video [Part 1]

There is a beautiful labyrinthine path that I discover whenever I seek the deeper layers of the language of soul…

This labyrinth discovered on the edge of a small village, in Crete, exemplifies the unexpected potential of meeting the twisted path that welcomes soul growth.

I, like you, have long admired the potent ways art, symbol, image and words offer thresholds that invite one to explore and express what is hidden or held within. The brilliance of how mark-making, art as ritual and lived experience becomes a life affirming practice is continually illuminating. This is what we seek and find in the practice of art as process, creative inquiry and journey work.

Finding and harnessing our Sovereign Soul Self is key to deep exploration and evolutionary growth.

What is revealed as we create, is the voice of the Whole-Soul offering deeper expressions of inner knowing.


Much like the serpentine path of a labyrinth, there are spiraling circuits and cycles that seem to express different layers of lived experience.

  • Standing at the edge of our own life, we seek something that might be missing or unexpressed.
  • Not yet ready to enter we wait and observe the pathway, both where it begins and trying to determine the twists and turns we think we can see.
  • The Human Self wants to predict, know what to expect and how to protect.
  • Here is where we sense that a Sacred Source is held within the Whole, yet we may feel distant or detached. Our Human Self can be fearful, scared or scarred, and will tend to react, reject or protect.
  • Stepping into Soul Work is like opening a window to the wind. We feel blown away, yet it is undeniable that the increased energy and movement being generated offers a new kind of awareness, and access.
  • Soul refers to the immaterial aspect of being human, the connection between individuality and humanity, the confluence of consciousness, psyche and self that offers a powerful way to explore our stories, experience increased access and embrace potentiality.

Many of us have experienced recent soul loss, which can leave us feeling bereft while navigating so many changes in our lives and in the world.

The expectation of what we have committed to, believed in, loved and supported is challenged or called into question.

There is no doubt that the anima mundi or world soul is moving through a time of dramatic and dynamic shifts leaving many of us shaken, yet this is a perfect time to consider, listen and be called to return to the center where one can seek their sacred source.

Our perspective is short and it’s hard to get our bearings around what we feel when pushed and pulled into new situations. The power of using our creative energies to initiate awareness and activate change that will heal and transmute our own soul growth, is always possible.

We are being called back to the Sovereign Soul, the source within. Notice where and how you are moving from Role to Soul, where fragmentation or disruption can be restored to flow, flexibility and freedom. 

“Only you can take inner freedom away from yourself, or give it to yourself. Nobody else can.” – Michael A. Singer

Watch the Video for more thoughts on this creative conversation and look for Part Two tomorrow: