Podcast: New Year + 2022 Energies

“In this absolutely fascinating, insightful and soulful episode, here’s your invitation to get a cup of your favorite beverage and get comfortable.  I’m still smiling from the wonderful conversation with the Master Teacher, Artist,  Guidess and founder of Journey Path Institute, Cat Caracelo.  Even though she and I have spoken many times over the years,  it’s always a joy to learn something new from one another.”

– Ruth McCants

I am excited to share this episode where Ruth and I talk about Visioning and Navigating in 2022.  A rich conversation where we discuss how the personal journey is influenced and witnessed as life shifts and turns. Where the power to realign and bring new personal awareness, expansion and inner clarity into our lives, can be fostered.  

XO, Cat

There are so many gems of insight and wisdom to be gleaned from this conversation. Here are some of what we spoke about:

  • Moon as Witness to All that Has Ever Been
  • Power of the Mythic Moon as Personal Guide
  • Art Making and Creative Process as Personal Activation
  • What is Real vs. Stepping into Realization
  • Understanding Cosmic, Kairos, Chronos and Covid Time Shifts
  • Cat guides a creative meditation for moving through this New Moon/New Year Portal. Listen to “Seeds of Shine Planted in Garden of Wisdom” (30:00 min)
Our conversation brings us full circle, by providing some stepping stones for embracing the collective and personal uncertainty that’s still much a part of life.  Look into the stories, secrets and personal myths that are waiting to be acknowledged and step into 2022 with a deeper understanding of how to navigate the ongoing journey.  

Be sure to give yourself those special moments of New Moon Intention – the next is on January 2nd – and plant your “Seeds of Shine”
This was recorded in December 2021


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