Professional Mentoring: Direction & Movement

Every client I’ve ever worked with knows they have a special ability. It manifests in a creative spark that wants to be shared through an innovative idea that is emerging, an active program or an offering that is ready to be expanded in a new direction.

With the right care and guidance you have the power to make your deeply held professional dreams burn brightly in this world.

Perhaps it is the right time for you to embark on or complete an exciting life project such as:

  • Birthing a book
  • Establishing a creative business
  • Developing a practice
  • Designing a class
  • Revitalizing your work
  • Clarifying your purpose
  • Developing new income streams

What is Professional Mentoring?

Your work in the world is not just about your working life, it is more about focusing your energies and ensuring that your whole life is working well.

It is meaningful to find support and a co-creative space for developing and forwarding your own distinctive life-work.

Within the Professional Mentoring relationship systems and structures are designed around your abilities, goals, values and vision. Methods that support your efforts are developed and designed through a mapping process that connects you to the purpose of your life-work and established a pathway to your desired outcomes.

Clients evaluate their business structures, finding creative and inspiring ways to explore, activate and support their goals, integrating conscious life design and whole self principles.


How is it valuable?

The Professional Mentoring process offers clients clarity, understanding, choice and movement. Each client develops long-term and detailed plans that are encouraged and fine-tuned as visioning becomes active.

Each Professional Mentoring relationship is completely customized for you based on your needs, goals and desired outcomes. Your Professional Mentoring process will be fine-tuned as we work together and can be re-focused by mutual agreement at anytime.

Areas of focus often include:

  • Defining Challenges: Re-Aligning your Vision
  • Understanding the Value of the Healing Journey
  • Developing Professional Identity
  • Clarifying Multiple Pathways and Offerings
  • Connecting to Core Values
  • Active Focus: Defined Energetics
  • Aligned Expression: Clarifying the Original Voice
  • Creative Business Dynamics
  • Outlining Goals and Structures
  • Offerings and Outreach Development
  • Conscious Life-Work Design
  • Project Development
  • Curriculum and Program Design

Professional Mentoring with Cat has been extraordinary, not just the everyday business approach for creating my dream work, but so much more! Cat is brilliant at getting to the things that matter most and helps to clarify ideas, projects, approaches and help me "vision into action"! I love the steps that we design to organize my ideas and work with my uneven energy, in a directed and productive way that does not make me plummet into resistance.

- Testimonial

It would be my honor to help you connect with your core passions, to bring them to life in ways that allow you to be clear, aligned and secure on your life path.

Contact me to inquire about your own Professional Mentoring needs, we will set up a time to meet by phone and explore your goals to determine how best to meet your desired outcomes!

In Vision,

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Coaching Focus with Cat Caracelo

Depth Coaching

Dive deep + explore your life experience, seeking how deeper healing is needed and where wholeness can be claimed.

Conscious Life Design

Identify values and intentions; live in alignment with your purpose + path. Define the life you want to experience, claim your passion.

Professional Mentoring

Clarify your professional identity; grow and expand your work in the world. Invite significant projects and your whole life to be fully expressed