Depth Coaching: Healing and Transformation

Many of us have old wounds, personal myths and archetypal patterns that act as invisible barriers to growth, happiness, relationship, and success. These are the very things that can be explored through the dynamic process of depth coaching. Unraveling your stories and finding the points of pain are the thresholds where exploration and healing can yield quantum leaps forward, shifting old patterns and dissolving the energetic walls between you and your life path. Release old patterns and identify new direction as you explore your experiences through a new lens.

What is Depth Coaching?

Depth Coaching is a hybrid form of facilitation that combines traditional coaching, healing modalities and transformative process to engage deep wisdom, self-discovery and healing. Deep thinkers, healers and seekers often yearn for this type of inner exploration to fuel their purpose and passion. Depth Coaching is an intuitive process designed for you. A Jungian approach invites you to explore the inner landscape of your psyche, working with the dynamic and complex energies that translate into your day-to-day life. Depth coaching reflects and illuminates the healing journey. Depth coaching provides a safe structure to discern and engage your journey, with the benefit of a co-creative relationship.


Why is it valuable?

As humans we are dynamic and multi faceted, influenced by many sources and experiences. We are challenged by life as we grow and experience pain in ways that are not always obvious. Many of us are clear about sources of our own pain, but that alone does not mean navigating them or our unfolding life journey is easy. We get triggered and return to vulnerable places, wondering if we are stuck. This patterning is often necessary to gather the information we need in order to deepen healing and expand into life. There are thresholds in ones life when healing and personal growth are applied in more tangible ways, when the language of symbol, archetype and myth help us to find wholeness. Developmental growth and integration applies healing at the transition points of your life. As your capacity for depth work grows, you will find life-changing connections, new insight and profound opening. Deep healing is a prerequisite to the joy of opening.

What is the process?

Guidance on the journey provides perspective and opportunity for healing. It is important to be assisted by an experienced and knowledgeable coach in these endeavors. Healing happens in cycles, over time. Within the coaching process one will find personal touchstones. One can explore memories, experiences, archetypal patterns, relationships, parts of self, shadow stories and transpersonal patterns that open new avenues of insight, expression and empowerment. Transformative process offers a structure to connect where one can actively engage the past, present and future to support healing and growth. In Depth Coaching we explore:

  • Symbolic Language
  • Root Stories
  • Mythic Threads
  • Living Metaphors
  • Personal Myths
  • Archetypal Patterns
  • Emotional Literacy
  • Shadow Stories
  • Shifting Perspectives
  • Visioning into Action

With so much creative material stirring in my life, I have welcomed Cat as a wisdom keeper and guide, helping me to explore my life with symbols, metaphors and archetypes. I have found some profound connections and active healing in my depth work. Her ability to hold my process, track my progress and reflect on where I am when I get lost, is invaluable!

- Testimonial

Depth coaching can include working with disowned and neglected parts of self, shadow material and exploring complex life patterns. Incorporating creative reflection such as collage, mytho-poetic writing and art journaling can be valuable. Expressive Arts and transformative forms of creative process are varied and can be explored within all coaching styles. I look forward to supporting your journey, connect with me to explore coaching that will meet your needs and goals.

In Vision,

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Coaching Focus with Cat Caracelo

Depth Coaching

Dive deep + explore your life experience, seeking how deeper healing is needed and where wholeness can be claimed.

Conscious Life Design

Identify values and intentions; live in alignment with your purpose + path. Define the life you want to experience, claim your passion.

Professional Mentoring

Clarify your professional identity; grow and expand your work in the world. Invite significant projects and your whole life to be fully expressed