Conscious Life Design: Active Visioning

When it comes to your life, what do you truly want?

This is often the toughest question to answer. That’s why so many people struggle to live in alignment with their authentic self.

Through Conscious Life Design you will grow your life in a new direction, on purpose. This coaching design will help you understand and uncover your core values, understand your big dreams, translating them into layers and working with details to activate a life design that will serve your unfolding future.

What is Conscious Life Design?

The visionary is one who sees what others do not see. To manifest that vision requires an ability to understand the patterns of the past, present and future, aligning with ones own strengths and amplifying possibility with conscious connection and action.

Conscious Life Design is a powerful coaching process that will help you recalibrate every aspect of your life so you can create and live into a life that is aligned with your authentic self.


Conscious Life Design has a directed rhythm, momentum and purpose. Aspects of this coaching style will include unpacking and exploring your current life design. As you become more aware of what has been active you will recognize patterns that are outgrown. The more you connect with these deeper truths, the old ways and current ways of being; you will make new choices that will enhance the evolution of your life-path.

This process will assist you to:

  • Identify and reclaim your inner assets
  • Define your purpose
  • Align your values with the whole self
  • Focus your energies to support a new way of being
  • Activate with renewed energy

Through a process of realigning specific areas of life, you will be activating inner listening and attunement, noticing what is out of balance. With additional systems and structures you will organically start to shift and apply focus, self-care and understanding as you make choices that will meet your growing edge.

Why is it valuable?

As a result of your choosing conscious life design you will create a new structure from the ground up, and transform your ability to activate your life in a way that is connected, aligned and realistic.

This process is ideal for:

  • Navigating Major Life Changes
  • Honoring Internal & External Paradigm Shifts
  • Aligning with Expanded Consciousness
  • Moving into Conscious Choice
  • Claiming Creative and Professional Opportunities
  • Exploring Educational Training and Advanced Degrees
  • Development and Discovery of Authentic Voice

Engaging with Conscious Life Design has opened me to my life path and purpose in ways I did not think possible. I trust my intuition, sources of inspiration and wisdom like never before. I have found strong and aligned inner resources to keep me moving and centered in my life. Thank you Cat!

- Testimonial

I look forward to supporting your journey, connect with me to explore coaching that will meet your needs and goals.

In Vision,

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Coaching Focus with Cat Caracelo

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Conscious Life Design

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Clarify your professional identity; grow and expand your work in the world. Invite significant projects and your whole life to be fully expressed