Meeting Spring at the Equinox

Spring Equinox, in the Northern Hemisphere, moves us into the light…

A threshold when night and day are held in balance and our energies turn back toward the light.

The equinox is on March 20th and I am feeling the momentum of rising energy, after a time of seeking balance and restoring equilibrium.


Where are you feeling along the edges…

What is budding that will bring delight and excitement.

This is a time of growth and possibilities, notice where you are rising up from the roots to enter into a new energy.

Move into image and awareness to explore a feeling, expression or landscape – these offer clues. In this video, you will find something specific that is yours, something that is held here, for you.

Gentle yourself with closed eyes or soft focus to be led into a new spring experience.


As above, so below – how does the sun rising into Spring illuminate what is seldom seen.

Explore that energy as you listen.

Seek the symbols, images and words that inspire you and let the rest drift!

After listening, drifting, traveling…take this energy, imagery and seek new layers within creative action, using either intuitive or intentional creativity find materials that invite you to connect with your inner knowing! Working with collage, pen, mixed media, paint or poetry is always compelling, and any way you love to create and make marks and remember within art as process, is divine.

Take yourself to this Video Guided Journey, a creative space and see what will happen when you meet yourself in this new season!


Make art and explore what is held there,

as you lean in to the Spring,




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