You Are A Wonder Warrior

The Wonder Warrior in her Archetypal Presence is nurturing, fierce, playful and aware.

She carries potent qualities that are sometimes subtle, yet distinctive and powerful. Moving through the world she is deeply connected to nature, nuance and moments of magic.

She is present to experience and energy, through earth listening and inner connectivity. Her capacity to express desire and delight is vast but not always obvious. She can hold a lot and be overly serious, yet under the surface she is always attuned to the textures of life. There is a deep and abiding call that she is fulfilling, she revels in the truth of wonder and finds where it hides in life.

The blended energies of the Wonder Warrior include the Magician, Leader-Healer and the Mystic-Muse.


As a Wonder Warrior:

  • You have the ability to recognize meaningful magic inside of life
  • Seeking wonder, you are able to see and feel conscious connections
  • You are influenced by a serious side, but yearn to expand pleasure and play
  • You are highly creative and musing is key to your most nourishing experiences.
  • You love to explore and express possibilities as you create

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