What Inspired JourneyCircles™

Video | How JourneyCircles™ was InspiredJourneyCircles™ was birthed out of my experience as a depth coach and years of teaching and guiding global Mythos Journey “art as process” events, eCourses and retreats.

The very elements that proved to be so powerful in journey work have been brought together into one dynamic and flexible design of JourneyCircles™ that offer creative templates for layered art and process, exploration of personal symbolic language, visual narrative, being guided by our inner knowing and developing ways to create deeper connections between art, expression and expansion.

JourneyCircles™ Process | Tell a StoryI wanted to find a way to honor the depth of journey work as well as develop a specific creative tool that could be used anytime, by anyone, as well as expand into a defined creative coaching tool that would complement, inspire and expand offerings for facilitators and professionals.

I want this amazing way of using JourneyCircles™ as a creative and coaching tool – engaging art, process, healing and transformation – spread around the globe and change lives!

Here is a short video that shares my JourneyCircles™ inspiration: