when I was a child…

when i was a child I loved the idea of a house – i climbed the walls in my castle to the sky, and imagined hidden hallways, doors tucked into trees and in my dreamy way, each magic moment became a room full of memories – sensing that each held the potential to open and invite me into new worlds. My mother too, was full of stories of homes she had known, places of the past, spaces and landscapes that held family lore, where generations lived and loved. I was smitten with houses in books, magazines and random features, like stairways, windows, pathways and potted trees (of all things). I loved houses large and small…like Alice too big, I could tower over the doll house of my childhood days and look through a window with my big eye peering into rooms that held little hooked rugs and hand made sofas – each exuded different energies. Likewise I was enchanted by “wendy houses” in other peoples back yards, throughout my youth to now. I always wished for roses in the garden but alas there were none. *i plant them into my art and life, regularly!

As I got older I began to understand the hidden features of locked doors, shadow spaces and nooks that held secrets…I could in my teens and beyond recognize how I was stepping into “rooms” that both rattled, challenged and welcomed me, many reflecting my growing edge and rebellious nature.

Over the years I have seen the many ways these original connections to house as a symbol, continued to work a subtle kind of magic in my soul – even dark and abandoned places hold some resonance for me…this last few years have brought me back home to myself, the inspiration and magic that happens in a house has been working on me in subtle ways. This is what I heard – through the lens of mythic living, where artmaking is life making, “not just any house will do for you, but the home of your soul is calling”. Lets create into this energy and explore image, energy, vision and values that create new spaces of belonging and becoming!

I am actually leaving my home in a few weeks, one that I have lived in for 27 years…it is full of memories and too many things but the space once so safe, has become more of a burden than a source of sweet energy and my soul has been tugging on my heart, to consider a move for awhile. I’ll tell you more of my story in our circle!

Do you resonate with these words?

“Recognize the invisible hands that guide you, the breath that breathes you, the walls and roof that keep cold from chilling you, the water that magically springs from your taps, the long line of ancestors whose every step made your incarnation possible. You belong to these holy helpers. You have undisputed membership. In your recognition of this wealth, your own life cannot help but become an offering back to that which feeds you.”

– Toko-Pa

I’m so excited to share my new eCourse! It’s called Home of the Soul and I sense this is the perfect process and time, with summer coming, to play and create something that energizes life.

Consider what you “don’t know yet” about the shape of your soul…and what it desires next. Play with symbolism and the imaginal to create something new that will hold and nurture you – in the now and traveling through to the next – see more HERE

My own Home of the Soul art has been brewing for nine months, but just now was ready to birth and catalyze my life.

***something special is coming through for you!

There is so much synchronicity and insight waiting for you!



We are gathering a beautiful creative circle for Home of the Soul!

Explore, see and survey – land, plan and build – uncover and discover – design, align and dream it into… art and life.

You will:

  • Create a reflective soul house, one that can actually offer you the space you need and hold all that you are…becoming.
  • Ask your art – what is ready and ripe to be explored, expressed and expand.
  • Discover what that means to you as you engage art and build a space that is all yours, travels with you and continues to offers new insight
  • Explore the potential of art as reflective and interactive sacred space.
  • Work with new techniques and tools, cards and materials