What we do and why we LOVE it!

I work with so many people and we are ALWAYS talking about what we love and why!
Like looking at a beautiful landscape and then stepping through the gate to move onto the path that brings us into new experience or place, we gather to connect and create movement.

The individuals in our communities and small groups that gather here [in classes, programs and retreats] are truly kindred, kind and aligned individuals, seeking a new view, connection and fulfilling experience.


We celebrate the good stuff of life, but also MAKE SPACE to FACE the real stuff of life.


We are living in challenging and complex times, being human is hard. We make the space to embrace our stories, alter and change collective stories, tell our truth, uncover the sticky emotions that keep us wrapped or trapped, and make a difference.


We are dedicated to depth and discovery and revel in the power of imagery to change our perception and guide life in rich and rewarding ways.


The techniques and tools used here are creative catalysts, but it is the power of process that brings us into this space again and again!


This is inner work that impacts your outer experience and expression. Esoteric and psycho-spiritual by nature, this approach draws us all in!

You may not realize that you are an artist of life – but you do know you love certain places, environments, being in nature, finding a space that delights your senses.

  • Maybe you have a contemplative inner awareness, or are navigating a long period of grief…do you also find that emotions of others distress you, and is seeking peace is often what you need.
  • Maybe you are fond of moments of magic, getting lost in thought or meeting a poem on the page, living into stories through words, images, moments and memories.
  • Whether inspired by travel or movies, reading or writing, art-making or admiring color, shape, form and imagery, there probably is a strong aspect within you that expresses itself through visioning, musing, dreaming and inviting a bit of magic into your life.
  • What if how you think and feel – where you are sensitive, intuitive, creative, curious and courageous… is your superpower.
  • AND if you are still healing, feeling vulnerable, confused, sad or sorting through a shift of purpose or identity – you are home, you belong here. These are ALWAYS part of how we engage art as process and depth work.
  • To find powerful and aligned ways to reveal the layers of thoughts, feelings, ways of being and seeing — to make space for knowing and growing that will assist and support you in moving through difficult or long periods of transition or discover more about what is happening inside, as you travel through periods of change.


If you are new here or need more information about how this all works…see if the following offers something that sparks interest!

JourneyPath® Institute is dedicated to integrative depth work, transformative process and art as process to support healing, wholeness and expansion.

We create sacred space to explore our stories, using easy art to unpack what we think we know…
The Insitute offers various ways to connect, co-create and develop depth work, journey work, distinctive experiential and creative pathways.
Depth work is a multi-faceted approach to harnessing the power of inner knowing, and wisdom, found in the language of symbol, myth, metaphor and story, that leads to deeper healing and wholeness.
We offer a Jungian approach to Depth Work, utilizing archetypal and journey techniques we will delve deeply into Intuitive Ways of Knowing…
All programs have good energy, safe space, kindred community – with valuable supportive materials, well designed and easy to use classroom and community forum — you will always get in-person connection, plus video, audio and written manual. Most advanced path training programs also offer interactive share space, with group calls and individual coaching support.
We have all levels of “ways to play”, choose from eCourses, Journey Process, Retreats, to 1:1 coaching, trainings, depth coach certification  and advanced path programs!
Each intended to build on your creative insight, wisdom and expand your experience in the fields of arts-based healing, applied coaching tools, wellness practice, embodied experience, art as ritual and transformative process.
The concept of diving deep into the unknown, seeking the wisdom in the psyche, exploring the shadow and light of one’s life, is grounded in the theories and teachings of Carl Jung.
Depth work is influenced by many fields of learning that include psychology, anthropology, neurology and philosophy, it is influenced by consciousness and embraces both intentional and intuitive ways of learning that include spiritual, archetypal, transpersonal, creative, esoteric and indigenous ways of knowing.
Within JourneyPath® we explore our stories through image, symbol and story – seeking healing and wholeness, expression and expansion – developing the embodied understanding that we are all artists of life.
This invites us to explore art-making and mark-making, as a way to activate life-making — for any and all of us, to work with easy access energies that amplifies awareness, is brilliant.
This is a powerful way to feel into and develop deeper connections. If you are energized by an image and recognize the potency in the words offered here, explore our offerings to experience your own depth.
Inside of the Institute we offer eCourses, trainings, retreats and more but the sweet + peak experience is the Creative Depth Program + Certification.
Last Call — choose 4 months or 1 year ❤️
Visit us to connect for the Advanced Path Creative Depth Program + Coach Certification designed for wisdom seekers, teachers, artists, guides, healers and facilitators who want to experience and develop a Jungian based depth psychology approach, using art as process, narrative coaching and experiential practice.