Welcome to Circling the Sacred Journey

Super excited that you are joining this Brand New for 2021 eCourse: 
Circling the Sacred Journey!
The special Kit and New “Sacred Journey” Tools will ship out to international clients right away, without the new folder (wrapper) that is delayed, but all of the other goodies!
For U.S shipping your packages will go out on January 14th, with the new folder!
The class opens and begins on January 26th – look for an email with access to classroom and forum on January 26th!
What to look forward to:
  • Explore your own current journey and using art as process
  • Create a guiding path for this year, working with stages of the journey using imagery, symbols and phase change experiences.
  • Expand the potential of this model and work with new techniques and tools, cards and materials.
  • Enhance your own art making process…offering powerful ways to play, engage discovery, redefine meaningful moments and expand experience through the lens of creative depth.
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Cat Caracelo