Welcome to 12 Nights of Solstice + Simple Beginnings!

I am thrilled you are traveling with us in this sacred space to intentionally give yourself more time and space to be in the journey!

12 Nights of Solstice opens on December 5th and then we will step into Solstice Nights on December 9th and explore the threshold of the New Year with Simple Beginnings!

We are gathering a wonderful circle of like minded artists of life and creatives, newcomers and deep divers who are choosing to…

Step softly into this new season of being!

We are open as of December 5th!

Classroom + FB page Access: https://institute.journeycirclesprocess.com/courses/109/enroll

Please sign in using the email you registered with and this is for individual use only.

12 Nights of Solstice offers daily journey meditations and creative prompts, December 9 – 21st and as we move toward the new year there are invitations to extend your solstice experience or enjoy the Simple Beginnings Lessons (4) and a Virtual Retreat that are offered from Dec 31 – March 15th!

Excited to travel with you!