[Vision #7] Video with Cat Caracelo

You have traveled with your Vision in many directions and now I offer the map, using your inner compass, begin to connect the messages held in the North, South, East and West…discover new links between the directions, exploring your needs and energies together, your wants and desires companioning one another – find interesting ways to connect the images and story that is unfoldng.

Consider how the center of your process offers stability when the path is spiraling out, or how the center holds and grounds your intentions, when your “visioning” is connecting in. 

Explore the way your art, words, insights guide your next steps and move the directions into a new pattern to discover new insights that were not seen before:

NORTH: What is my deepest unmet need?

EAST: What is the energy that rises to meet me?

SOUTH: What is the heart of my hidden desire?

WEST: What do I want to experience most, in the New Year?

CENTER: How do I ground my Vision so that it is offered time, space and ample support, as I circle into my life?


It is the movement and energy of CONNECTION that serves to activate your dreams and bring your vision into focus!

I want to invite you to experience the power of a year long learning journey that comes with a small peer based community, professional connections, global classroom, individual coaching and so much more!

The Creative Depth Coach Certification (CDCC) begins next week.

Connect in and find your center.

If you are ready to dive deep, express and expand your voice and choice, send your application in now.

Use the energy of this new year to harness the potential of active and awakening dreams!

Say YES to a 1:1 call with me as we move toward the new year:

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