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Testimonials for the Creative Depth Program + Certification (CDCC):

  • It is undeniable the way my life has become more integrated as I have moved through the process – authenticity, acceptance, understanding, creativity and community have been milestones of experience. I have been delighted to discover the tools and coaching concepts, diving deep into the creative process allows me to look at my life in a mythic way. This is a gift of the certification program that helped me to interpret the world around me with new awareness, now helping clients to see the subtleties and understanding the larger meaning of their life-path.


  • Creative Depth Program and Coach Certification has been a catalyst for me to reinvent what it means to be a woman living on purpose, professionally and personally.


  • I chose Creative Depth Program because it offers a container, process and structure that is big enough to hold everything I have developed and continue to expand. I knew this program would be dynamic and strong, having worked with Cat Caracelo in the past. I have experienced this and so much more – there is no other modality of coaching like this, that is so expansive and all encompassing.


  • The creative depth approaches provided me a new source of insight, inspiration and income, as I was able to develop my style and provide a powerful coaching design to my clients.


  • As a trained and Certified Creative Depth Coach I am able to connect in ways I never knew were possible, with myself and those close to me. The tools of combining expressive arts, narrative process and relational coaching offer an extraordinary way for me to work with my clients.


  • My work has evolved and a newly aligned professional identity has been formed through my program and certification experience. My willingness to work with confusion led me to clarity about who I am, the stories I was telling and where they held me back. I know how I want to share my gifts, what is inspiring and practical for abundant and aligned life and work.


  • As a Creative Depth Coach and Executive Coach it has been powerful to use the constructs of the program in the world. My own personal experience has been one of freeing, clarifying, empowering my voice.


  • The evolution of my vision, along with growth in my personal and professional work, has been profound, offering a new understanding of myself and restoring a deep sense of trust as I step into my strengths.


  • Depth work and coaching is the thing that allows people to access, create and develop a language to express their inner most being, inner life and landscape, the deepest part of themselves. This style of coaching is multi layered with core learning that includes parts work, archetypal energies and values work. I have loved learning and growing my new offerings through this training.


  • Healing and becoming whole is the most important and profound experience the program and certification gave me, and now I am honored to support others in how to find this within their journey.


  • I see my gifts much more clearly, because of the program and the practice it helped me develop in my own work, working with my own past trauma. I am able to hold it in a different context now based on the experiential learning. I have stepped fully into my work of supporting families in grief and trauma, integrating the creative depth coaching techniques.


  • Once this practice is developed and embodied, through the program, there is a way of seeing the world that is very different than before. I have found a level of confidence and comfort in how I operate as a professional, integrated in ways that offer me more than I could have ever expected.


  • I felt such a calling, such a strong yes to embarking on this journey of CDCC. I was ready to invest in myself, and this program, but fears and resistance came up. Knowing I could work with shadow and challenging emotions within the program assured me my choice was aligned.Using the program and the flexible structures of self as client, coaching concepts, mythic themes, creative process and coaching held me as I discovered new aspects of myself and found ways to embody my strengths.


  • I knew this program was the balance I needed to take my professional therapy practice in a new direction. It was important to me to be held in a confidential and sacred creative space where I could be led as I was going deep into my own work as self as client. Coming back to the curriculum invited me again and again to integrate what was being introduced so that I could build my new offerings as I was in the program.


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