[Video] The Power of Journey Process

The journey process as a creative way offers a playful, exciting  invitational space to  move into relationship with your self, life and awareness, through art making, that often produces profound insights.

Creativity is personal and yet it is not isolated to individual process, within a collective the journey guides, evokes and expands how we see and feel the creative potential of active engagement as a playful, powerful and sometimes awe inspiring pathway of new knowledge.

There is a ripple effect that is activated or ARTiculated by being in relationship with symbol, color, form and through image-based wisdom we experience stepping in to a new landscape of life.

There is an unseen life that dreams us; it knows our true direction and destiny. We can trust ourselves more than we realize, and we need have no fear of change.

– John O’Donohue

Through art making, making marks, touching paper, layering image, finding form, exploring color, moving materials we come to see, sense and realize who we are and begin to realize how we are actively changing as the art makes us.

We experience ourselves more fully in a journey process as we explore and use symbol, image, texture, color, story to “dream” us into be-ing. We rise inside as we explore, express and come to embody the creative experience within the journey…

Engaging the journey, following the thread of our own stories seen in the visual narrative offers us space to KNOW more, SEE more and BE more. When I was young, being creative meant…READ MORE



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“We learn from our art…

We explore our life and the world around us using symbolic language and making marks to show our passage through time and space…

Images reflect who we are back to us, landscapes and atmospheric settings show us where we are, how we are feeling and what is happening under the surface, as we engage our journey…”

– Cat Caracelo