VIDEO | Exploring Parts of Self + Deepening with Ages and Stages


In this rich conversation, I offer some general ideas, explore child parts, ages and stages, then delve more deeply into midlife and the wisdom years, a topic I am passionate about!

Looking through the lenses of our many parts, rather than our single self, invites insights to grow and expand.

The value of engaging this process is based on activating personal insight, perspective and experimentation. The experiential process relies on mystery and the willingness to be with the unknown. This approach to identifying and working with parts of self, or subpersonalities as they are formally called, are accessed and expressed in many ways, often through creative process.

Parts of self are expressed in all directions; they are the good, the bad, and the ugly. They are all aspects of who we have been, who we are and who we will be. They are reflections and expressions of lived, intuited and archetypal experience.

Parts of self are living metaphors and symbolic touchstones.

The simplicity and complexity of our parts of self are reflected back to us in everyday life as we work, play and engage with others. When we navigate our fears and follow our needs, wants and desires, we re-remember these individual aspects and qualities.

Recognizing stories that are important and opening to symbolic language has guided me to identify and work with many parts of self. From this place of gathering I have been able to follow threads of my stories that need to be exposed. The more I know about these hidden truths, the more I know about my whole self.

The more we learn about our parts as expressions of our wholeness, the greater benefits of healing, depth and discovery will be revealed.


Cat Caracelo