VIDEO | What is ready to Open and Grow…


15 minutes | Audio + Creative Engagement:

You are invited to deepen and seek your inner source…

This is a beautiful space to circle in to find flow…

To invite energy that allows you to relax, release and explore more.


Take a few minutes to seek that space within your body, as you listen to the Water Journey | Guided Meditation.


Invite the Listening to become a lush, soft dreaming space, where embodiment and receptivity awaken. This is a rich way of experiencing new awareness, imagery, energy or sensation:

  • What do you notice?
  • What do you feel?
  • What do you see?
  • What do you need?

Take a few minutes to allow any stories to surface…you don’t have to know what they are, simply let yourself drift.



When you are ready, take a pen to paper and write down TEN words that come through to you.

If you have watercolor or paint, you can add some energy to your words, color to the paper – or find some collage images or simple pen to paper doodling is perfect for this…

Next, tear the words apart, so each word is separate from the next. You may loose some of the line, image or energies if you added that, but even a little edge can hold evocative energy!

Gather your torn pieces…

Now notice which words hold the most energy for you.

Are these energies ready, awakening, opening, flowing or growing or are they stale, old, inactive or holding?

Cluster the words and see which grouping will serve you best, right now.

Notice any “stories” that are ready to be released.

Find one word that offers SOURCE…tending, caring, honoring, love, responsiveness or healing for you.

Place that word in the center of a new piece of paper.

Circle that centering word, and glue it down – now bring in any other words, energies or images that offer support, place them and glue them down.

Add anything you wish to this space…color, texture, imagery or the like.

Gaze into this space…

See where Your Life is inviting attention.