You Are A Temple Traveler

The Temple Traveler in her Archetypal Presence is determined, active and alive.

She carries potent qualities that are distinctive and powerful. Moving further along her journey she is deeply committed, passionate and daring. She knows how to stretch her senses and follow her own wisdom.

She has learned when to rest and where to lean into the company of others when traveling. She seeks sanctuary space to foster the renewal that is needed to integrate and expand her gifts. She travels far and wide, learning the language of the creatives, honoring her soul work and allowing the mythic memories that rise inside to guide her.

The blended energies of the Temple Traveler include the Warrior, the Sage and the Priestess.


As a Temple Traveler

  • You travel a path of discovery with commitment and dedication to practice.
  • You prepare to engage the journey of discovery, seeking powerful places that impart wisdom and connected experience.
  • You are intuitive by nature and follow your desire for expanded expression, voice and choice.
  • While engaging your soul journey you recognize the power of creative council and make time for like minded communion and conscious connection.
  • You love to move along the path of transformation


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