Symbolic Language


Why is the circle or mandala so symbolically potent?

The circle is the symbol of the journey to wholeness, depicting the portal and the path, the parts and the whole. The spiral path that is held within the circle reflects ones own experience of journeying through life.

Each circle is a portal and a path. Each circle is a mirror, inviting us to see more clearly. The mandala, the sacred form of wholeness is depicted in all cultures. The circle is a womb, a moon, a nest and a vessel. These shapes and symbolic forms are reflected in art, throughout time, and they resonate with us reminding us of their deeper meanings.

What is Creative Mapping?

Creative Mapping is the use of visual tools to create graphic representation and spacial relation to your life, experience, stories and various ways of expressing. We learn from our art. We explore our life and the world around us using symbolic language and making marks to show our passage through time and space. Images reflect who we are back to us, landscapes and atmospheric settings show us where we are, how we are feeling and what is happening as we engage our journey.

Carl Jung, the father of archetypal psychology, considered that we live within archetypal patterns, and that held within the collective these patterns impart information through energetic resonance when we connect to them. We live into the story-patterns of the archetypes, and by understanding these we can re-story them.

How can JourneyCircles™ be incorporated into your creative practice?

Visual narrative, archetype and symbol are all valuable elements of the creative process. JourneyCircles™ provide a space for you to create into, using intuitive, intentional and directed creative methods. Exploration and finding powerful reflective imagery is assisted by being able to create from a place of not knowing. Allowing the questions themselves to be answered through art-making, word and pattern play is a powerful way to develop your own creative practice, thus finding and following your spiral path.