You Are A Source Seeker

The Source Seeker in her Archetypal Presence is active and aware.

She carries potent qualities that are distinctive and powerful. She is one who is still and listens, then having attuned to awareness will move deeper into experience. She knows how to trust herself, connecting with curiosity and courage, she seeks the deep wellspring that offers healing, insight and inspiration.

The blended energies of the Source Seeker include the Healer, the Witness and the Artist of Life.


As a Source Seeker:

  • You seek stillness and listen within for profound opportunities that evoke energy.
  • You embrace active entering as moments of trust lead to discovery and reveal sacred places that open your spirit.
  • You are intuitive by nature and cherish your adventures of awakening.
  • Engaging your soul journey is key to your most nourishing life experiences.
  • You love to explore and discover unexpected gifts within creative expression.



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