Special Beltane Blessing for Retreat Women

I have been in mourning, with the loss of our ability to travel and retreat together, and I imagine that you may have been/be there, as well.

I have also been weaving a new vision of connecting in any/all of the ways we can, as we move into new normal and find our way through.

Today is Beltane, may this day Bless You!


I was gifted this video of Beltane Morning, in the last 10 minutes, it is morning now in the UK.

This view of the Tor is stunning, Katie’s reading the poem from the Goddess Temple reading outside on the eve – a gift to each of us, knowing that we would have been there.

I am grateful that she was willing to share and that she is healing, ill with Covid for over a month.






I have create a new lesson on Create + Connect classroom, called Beltane Blessings, it is a Five Day creative journey…a taste of how we can experience heart based community far from one another, and a gift of the heart from Glastonbury, if you want to connect today or this weekend to this energy. Their celebrations are cancelled as well and I know we all are finding ways to be present to the energy – so I create another video.

If you are new to the Create + Connect Free Classroom join here:

If you are already part of Create + Connect, use this link to go directly to Beltane Blessings Lesson:https://institute.journeycirclesprocess.com/courses/79