Are you a Selkie Sister?

Come explore your Selkie Stories with me, in 2023!

The sirens call, the silver sea, the shallows of a clear cool river – mermaids come to us in many ways…some through a powerful image, the pages of books, the body remembering. Many times the mer-folk come in a dream to guide our passage from one place to another.

When the mermaid, naiad, selkie or any goddess of the deep comes as guide, a shapeshifter or a muse we are called to listen in new ways.

She who moves between worlds, is the expression of transformation, holding phosphorescent light in her skin she offers ease of movement as she dives deep and crosses into new territory.

Mermaid offers access to flow, choice and redefining purpose in the waters of life.


  • Where are you dreaming of the sea?
  • How are you finding your way through tidal rivers, tributaries and watery passages of your life?


Creative living requires us to tap into our deepest resources, our own inner places that run deep.

As we explore our own inner waters we may find that the deeper we are willing to go the more ease and fluid movement is found.

The depths are often where powerful offerings and treasure will be found.What is found in the depths has potent meaning.


As above, so below, you may wish to travel from the seas into the night sky with mer-wisdom.

Explore the stories, symbols and living metaphors that are embedded in your intuitive creative process as you look for the mermaid, naiad or selkie-kin within.

The psyche brings treasures up from the depths to the surface, as you create.

Find the images that offer personal, archetypal, universal and collective reflections of that which has deep meaning to you and create with them…they are the ripples of all that are imbedded in the human experience yet these images and cards are all yours.

How are you calling forth the expression of deep diving and expansion?



Come discover the new Selkie Sisters, it is a monthly gathering and you can join anytime.



XO, Cat