Self-Care at the Holidays

Tender remembering, feelings and old triggers can meet us, sometimes to our dismay, at the holiday season.

With Thanksgiving in the United States coming soon, I am reminded of my own triggers, a time of grief when I wanted to scream and run.

Celebration days, holiday traditions and seasonal energies can be complicated, both delightful and difficult, bringing memories to the surface that may hold emotion or bring forth all kinds of tenderness and sensitivity.

Let me share more:

How are you holding space for yourself today, tomorrow, this weekend?


The Guided Journey Meditation, Pool of Gratitude – is posted below to offer support during the holiday seasons.

Listen at times when you are memory keeping, feeling deeply, need to release, rest or renew and other times when this pool feels very far away.

Listen with your eyes closed, or watch with soft focus. Afterwards, you might be inspired to write or create with what you see, feel or find in the inner realm!

May this meet you well and offer space for creative contemplation.

With love,