Seasonal Wheel + Deepening with Samhain

Create with the energy you find offered here.

The Celtic Wheel is an ancient symbolic touchstone that has influenced my life and work for many years. I find myself held in seasonal connections that inform me again and again. As I turn on the wheel, the wheel turns me…

This resonates so deeply, reminding me of wisdom that I can access and explore any time I need to return to Source.

I have found this approach to be a mythic experience, tapping into what shamanic practitioner Michael Harner called “deep history” and for many of us it is the deepening of her-story that matters most.

Connecting with earth based wisdom, through ancestral wisdom and remembering is a shamanic experience, inspiring my creative and mytho-poetic work through Mythos Journey and QuestPath eCourses, gatherings, retreats and offerings over the last thirteen years!

Discovering that my own inner expression invites me to become consciously aligned with the seasonal wheel, I have found personal connection held within each of the eight seasons of the Celtic Wheel, honoring the Solstices, Equinoxes and Cross Quarter Celebrations of Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas and Samhain, that are called fire feast days.


For those living in the Southern Hemisphere you may find and feel your Wheel of the Year, in reverse from what I share here, because your seasons and moon phases are traveling in opposite directional cycles from the Northern Realms. If you live of resonate with the energy if the Southern Hemisphere, you may want to look to the direct opposite energy of what I am sharing here.


Come to the journey with the seasonal wheel in QuestPath, a circle of women are invited to travel each year with these powerful mythic experiences using art and process. Details here and the invitation only happens at this time of the year, before Samhain! QUEST IS CLOSED



On October 31st (in the Northern Hemisphere) as the moon rises to meet the dawn of November 1st, we celebrate Samhain and discover, deepen into death and rebirth.

Celebrate Samhain.

Lift the veil.

This is a thin time, when the worlds meet.

Seek the sacred in your art and life, through remembering and ritual, to connect to the wisdom that is held beyond the edge…notice how and where you are influenced by your own cellular knowledge or deep history.

Honor the cycles of death and rebirth…

Release, rest, connect descending deep into the earthy womb, finding your way to the roots, at this time of renewal.

Samhain is the Celtic New Year and offers a powerful way to connect with inner and outer seasons, moving back into the earthy body and it is a potent time to deepen your own ancestral remembering…the sacred wheel is turning.

This is a season of opening into the mystery and magic of life… 

There is renewal waiting under the surface whenever the wheel turns to a new season…sing it to the surface of your life.

At Samhain we are gathering the fires and lighting the way as darkening days come and we turn inward to find the source of rebirth…seeking the light in the center of this season

Have you created a Samhain Altar?

Create space…make art, light a candle, gather the fall fruits and flowers, create a living prayer with words, song or offerings. Whether Samhain or All Soul’s or Día de Muertos, may we each move into the space of remembering. 


How are you connecting, honoring and celebrating today?

In Vision,