Sacred Journey Process Guide | Training Overview

The Mission

Sacred Journey Process Guide training is an advanced training offered only to certified Creative Depth Coaches. You will learn to use this dynamic and distinctive model, and process, to powerfully guide individuals and groups.

The Vision

The Sacred Journey Model is a meta structure that expresses the complexity and layers of human experience. It includes the micro and macro expressions of the journey through life and the subtle energies of mythic awareness and soul’s knowing.

The Purpose

The Model is used to orient the coach to the client’s experience and serves the client to more deeply understand and navigate their own journey. This may be subtle and referential use for the coach/guide, or more overt if you choose to further develop the language of discovery, and include the Sacred Journey Process, in your own programs.

The Power

The meta structure is more than a container and a map, it is a living multi-dimensional field of experience. More than the sum of its parts, the Model both influences and reflects the micro-movements of life and evokes the catalyzing potential for personal healing, transformation and metamorphosis.

The Process

The training offers conceptional, experiential and applied learning to enhance depth coaches in their personal and professional work.


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