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Order your Gift Kit!

I’m excited you are traveling and I have some very special newly designed gifts for you to enjoy in this years Quest. They will be offered and gifted for no cost [*please note, self-pay shipping will apply].

The FREE QUEST KIT is ready to ship! Order when you are ready, through November 15th. Ships immediately.

This is exclusive for this year, offered to enhance your journey with creative inquiry, mixed-media and collage. Can’t wait ’til you see it!

  • Quest Materials + Cards
  • Soul of the Grove Exclusive Cards
  • Ogham Mini Deck
  • NEW Wheels (Double Sided)

FREE KIT with Self-Pay Shipping + Handling.





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Last but not least!

Super Excited to announce!

Another new feature is a newly designed group share space off of Facebook – it is a look alike space, created for JourneyPath Institute programs only, works in all the same ways with multi photo upload, threads, posts, emojis, like button, upload video, adjust your email notifications AND without the noise, ads and distractions!

If You Want to Add Coaching:

Finally – it has been a challenging few years, the highly intuitive, creative and innovative soul may want to explore Quest with some extra support. If you are interested in adding on a coaching package for this year know that I support clients year round and that coaching is a powerful way to enhance your experience and receive individual support for your unique personal journey. Email me at [email protected] or text at 707-480-3183 (include your name, email and time zone with request for Quest Coaching) and I will send you the package options and we will schedule a short call right away to touch base!


We begin on October 20th – look for email in the morning (ET time):

#1 Order your Quest Materials Kit

#2 Receive an email on the morning of the 20th (Central Time) you will get ‘Your QuestPath is Open’ email, with access to classroom and forum!

Can’t Wait to Create with YOU again!