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Order your Materials Kit!

I’m excited you are traveling! I have some very special Brand New and designed creative materials for you to enjoy in this coming years Quest. They will be offered with one low price that includes shipping!

The FREE QUEST KIT is ready to ship on October 1st, 2022

Order now through November 15th. Ships Oct. 1st!

This is exclusive for the upcoming year, offered to enhance your journey with creative inquiry, mixed-media and collage. Can’t wait ’til you see it!





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Our group share space is off of Facebook – it is a look alike space, created for JourneyPath Institute programs only, works in all the same ways with multi photo upload, threads, posts, emojis, like button, upload video, adjust your email notifications AND without the noise, ads and distractions!

How to Add Coaching:

Finally – it has been a challenging few years, the highly intuitive, creative and innovative soul may want to explore Quest with some extra support. If you are interested in adding on a coaching package for this year know that I support clients year round and that coaching is a powerful way to enhance your experience and receive individual support for your unique personal journey. Email me at [email protected]  (include your name, email and time zone with request for Quest Coaching) and I will send you the package options and we will schedule a short call right away to touch base!


We open the classroom on Oct 22nd – look for an email!

#1 Order your Quest Materials Kit – ships now!

#2 Receive an email around 12 noon on Oct 22 (Central Time) you will get ‘Your QuestPath is Open’ email, with access to classroom and forum – and we meet together on the 23rd!

Can’t Wait to Create with YOU!