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Wisdom Rising Mystery School | 2022-2023 Cycles


Deposit $75

2022-2023 Wisdom Rising Mystery School

DEPOSIT $75 | TWO Cycles | September 2022 – June 2023

$1175 total, less deposit, with Concurrent Coaching Package to be added and QuestPath offered as a gift.

*Call schedule/times for FALL CYCLE is posted on this page.

Wisdom Rising Mystery School is a co-created space, intended for working with elemental alchemy, mystery traditions, creative depth, ceremony, embodiment, art as ritual and initiation.

Wisdom Rising Mystery School is a sacred space dedicated to the numinous, where you are invited to seek your own sources of mystery, explore creative alchemy, deepen the path of divine discovery, activate archetypal alignment and experience the power of higher self expression

The collaborative community is designed as active creative space, designed for women mature in their practice who are passionate about creative inquiry, psycho-spiritual growth and are ready to enter into an intimate and dynamic Mystery School experience.

This program offers cycles of experience, we will be working with several topics/themes in each cycle and making ample space for all experiences. If you are called to continue on an advanced path this is a powerful space to explore the living, energetic elements that impact your life experience and invite both alignment and transformation.



Secure your space in Wisdom Rising 2022-2023

TWO Cycles $1175

Deposit $75


You Receive:

  • September – January | Fall Cycle
  • February – June | Spring Cycle

Distinctive topics, initiation gate, powerful process and unique materials are offered in each cycle and offers the powerful opportunity for personal grown in this advanced path program.



  • Friday September 10th
  • Friday October 14th
  • Friday November 18th
  • Thursday December 1st
  • Thursday December 29th  
  • Saturday January 14th [2023]

Time Zones: 8am Pacific, 9am Mountain, 10am Central, 11am Eastern, 4pm UK, 5pm Switzerland/Italy

*check in for time zone fluctuation at seasonal times/daylight-saving


Our forum is held as Sanctuary Space.

  • In each Cycle there are new phase materials offered periodically – these are compiled and offered to stir the waters of inner knowing, and evolutionary growth, sources are mythic, esoteric, alchemical, creative, shamanic and past/present/future focused.
  • This is a touchstone learning environment, concept rich and “formal learning” light.
  • We will be traveling together in a small collaborative community
  • Ample space for personal inquiry, using all forms of learning, insight and intuitive access including artas process, inner alchemy, journey process, dreaming, embodiment, ritual, intention, focus, healing andtransformation.
  • Sharing in our Group Zoom Calls and Private Share Space, is offered as the communication thread so that we can be connecting and unfolding insights in a casual way, while using the classroom for resources.
  • Each participant must commit and engage in an individual coaching package. This is part of the ongoing commitment of advanced path work – package options are sent to you as in previous years, and will include the Wisdom Rising Mystery School 2022-2023, with gifted QuestPath.
  • QuestPath 2022-2023 is gifted for those who want access to parallel programs and on occasion other programing may be included.

Wisdom Rising Mystery School | Advanced Path Program

  • Resources are not teaching tools but positioned for Mystery School experience.
  • The curriculum is designed for personal use to enhance your own growth and experience as a guide and leader in life.
  • Each phase of experience offers new insights, they are self-guided and collaborative.
  • Each cycle has its own classroom, that can be accessed anytime.



Wisdom Rising Mystery School in the future, will offer:

New “live” cycles will be offered twice a year

QuestPath is offered as a Free Bonus for annual participants, that year.

Each participant has lifetime access to the classroom(s). Ongoing access to the private group share space (URL will be offered in program) is ongoing when registered cycle to cycle. After the initial Elemental Alchemy, each ongoing cycle is $599 or less, with annual commitment and concurrent coaching.

The prerequisite experience for Wisdom Rising include two years of QuestPath, one or more of the Archetypes eCourses and previous 1:1 coaching with Cat Caracelo.

Concurrent coaching arrangement is required.