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Wisdom Rising 2024 – Art, Alchemy + Archetypal Path Work


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Wisdom Rising 2024 is path work in a specially designed co-created space. For those women who are ready to deepen their inner connection, and travel further, you will explore elemental alchemy, mystery traditions, creative depth, ceremony, embodiment, art as ritual and initiation. This collaborative community is designed as a continuum, offering cycles of experience it is an active creative space for those who are mature in depth and journey work.

FULL and CLOSED for January 2024

Wisdom Rising 2024 is a Deep Dive Program offering intentional space for creative alchemy and archetypal path work.

You are invited to travel in a sacred circle of artists of life, women who are deeply connected to creative inquiry, transformation and evolutionary growth, wanting to find a powerful space to cultivate essence and expansion.

We will be working with powerful approaches to Wisdom Rising inside our lives.

Evocative and ideal for those of us traveling the path of depth and discovery. Be drawn to the mythic potential of elemental alchemy, mystery traditions, art as ritual, energy and embodiment. Engage alchemy as a transformational catalyst and discover your own source of Wisdom Rising.

Wisdom Rising 2024 is a sacred space dedicated to the numinous, where you are invited to seek your own sources of mystery, explore creative alchemy, deepen the path of divine discovery, activate archetypal alignment and experience the power of higher self expression.

The collaborative community is designed as active creative space, designed for women mature in their practice who are passionate about creative inquiry, psycho-spiritual growth and are ready to enter into an intimate and dynamic creative container.

This program offers cycles of experience, we will be working with several evocative themes and orienting practices while making ample space for all experiences that are naturally occurring in our lives. If you are called to deepen your path this is a powerful space to explore the living, energetic elements that impact your artistry and invite orientation, alignment and transformation.


ART as ALCHEMY includes many creative ways:

We will be working with intuitive and intentional creative ways. This includes mixed media, collage, assemblage, altar building and art in nature. You can also work with specific art as process, process painting and collage forms such as SoulCollage® and JourneyCircles™.

You will want to have easy art supplies that you enjoy such as art paper, images, glue, scissors pens, paint, cards.This is a creative and collaborative environment where we will be experimenting with form to articulate the creative energies. All styles of art making are welcome and you are invited to open to the mystery of your own experiential creative process, where intuitive and intentional creativity meet depth, expression and expansion.

There is an added gift of exclusive NEW MATERIALS, for each of you! This is a special GIFT KIT that includes free shipping in the United States, low cost shipping option for worldwide countries. Receive a confirmation to confirm after you register.

Create with stories, archetypes and pattern – seeking their deeper connections and interactions.You will begin to experience the deepening of intuitive and intentional creative process informing and inspiring you as we begin with a powerful pull to Alchemy, as we enter into the vessel space of this new beginning.

This community based collaborative program is designed to offer safe and sacred creative space with a small global community of women, where we meet 12 time through the journey and gather in a special classroom that includes our sharing forum!

If you have wanted to dive deeper into your own path work and more opportunity to advance creative depth, this is a powerful program to choose. Perfect for artists of life, newcomers to depth work and long time conscious creatives. If you love creating and enjoy the potential of self-discovery through art as a path to active healing, wholeness and transformation, then this will be the perfect way to explore your soul work through the dynamic five path design that will inspire our experience.


What You Receive:

  • Global Classroom with one year access to written, audio and video materials
  • Five Months of Deep Dive Creative Inquiry + Art Invitations, 12 Community Calls + Video/Audio and more included!
  • Exclusive Creative Materials | Gift Kit designed for this program
  • Guided Journey Meditations + Evocative Alchemy Journey Invitations
  • New 5 Path Model for Creative Discovery
  • Group sharing in our classroom, with tons of creative conversation opportunities
  • Lots of inspiration for art, journey and deep discovery
  • Easy access for all lessons, materials and recordings in one dedicated space
  • Wisdom Rising 2024 | Zoom Schedule


When we gather, we invite the collective energy of deep discovery, seeking and finding the hidden places in our art, seeking the richness that will invite life to be fully expressed.

  • Experience the intimacy and trust that is forged in a safe and sacred creative circle.
  • Build insight and strengthen as you activate deeper intuition, elemental influence, alchemical potential and archetypal connection.
  • Discover healing and wholeness within the creative process, recognizing how and where change is active and becoming manifest in your art and life.
  • Develop a living language of alchemy and activate energy, movement and discover strengths as you travel with a tribe of artists of life.

Take advantage of the “live and led” program, enjoy the classroom and materials and experience the power of deep connection.


I can’t wait for you to experience this new and phenomenal program!

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Refund Policy:

Refund is not available for JPI eCourses –  you will receive a rich thematic curriculum with one year access, plus all download program materials that can be used in many ways to support your art and life.

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