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Vision + Vitality in 2022


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Five Weeks of Focused Creative Inquiry, meet two times a week and experience active art making that will help you discover, choose, shape a new experience of your own aligned Vision + Vitality in this coming year.

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Are you feeling the need for personal connection, renewed focus and an aligned, kind and supportive energy of function and flow? I know that for many of us, the lack of choice and limited mobility in the world has impacted our lives in a lot of different ways – many of us have felt adrift and untethered and yet there is a window of opportunity meeting us here, specifically this year I sense, as the veil of change is lifted from within.

This space offers you fresh entering, a dedicated place to explore the story you want to energize and step into. You will connect and grow using the creative depth approach and explore the energies, stories and desired life you seek and crave. Always recognizing the dance of our human patterns, you will deepen your understanding of current personal rhythms, inner needs and outer expression, that impact day-to-day life.

You will be making space for some kind of change, you decide what matters most within a range of your own knowing, circumstances and experiences. The process is designed so that you are able to discern, fine-tune and most importantly be true to you – paying special attention to layers of needs and desires that are present. One of the ways art becomes an amplifier is through conscious creative community and active personal connection, so we will meet together two times a week, to focus your exploration with creative inquiry, art as activation, deepening conversations, group coaching, developing awareness and lived experience offered every week!

First Call January 15th

ONE Hour Zoom – TWO Times a Week – Over FIVE Weeks

Classroom is Open for a Year + THREE Months Extended Group Connection

All for  $259  NOW $129

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Gathering in a supportive classroom and private community space we will make art, create energy and experience vision into action, all together!

Art and Life cross-pollinate, influence and support one another and here we will create that symbiosis within our creative process to benefit both. I want to create ease and access to the benefits of this work and offer this space for those of you ready for more art and activation.

Join us!

Dates and Times

We will have 10 – One Hour Calls for this offering, alternating between two time frames. Each call is recorded and posted, offering focus sessions on Creative Play, Group Coaching, or Depth + Inquiry (all recorded via Zoom)

January 15, 20, 29 & February 5, 7

Time Zones: 8am PT, 9am MT, 10am CT, 11am ET, 12noon AT, 4pm UK, 5pm Rome, 6pm Tel Aviv, 3am Sydney, Australia (next day), 5am Wellington, NZ (next day)

January 17, 23, 26 & February 2,9

Time Zones: 2pm PT, 3pm MT, 4pm CT, 5pm ET. 6pm AT, 10pm UK, 11pm Rome, 12 am Tel Aviv, 9am Sydney, Australia (next day), 11am Wellington, NZ (next day)


Classroom Access + Policy:

Classroom for this program remains open through December 2022 and our special Vision + Vitality conversation group, held in our private forum will be active for three months, to April 15th, 2022. There are no refunds, exchanges or transfers for Global eCourses offered by JourneyPath Institute. This course is full of rich materials that are intended for individual, personal use only – please do not share. You do have extended time and opportunity to explore with inspiration that will influence your art and life! You will receive a welcome pop up after payment is received, if you use PayPal, it may not be visible – please look for another email at the end of December and again, with your classroom access link, on January 12th!

Out of stock