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Sacred Journey Process Guide Training for Coaches


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Sacred Journey Process Guide

NEW Program | Advanced Training for Coaches

  • You will be able to participate in the self-paced training classroom designed for CDCC Coaches only.
  • Training is designed to be a two months exploration but can take shorter or longer, up to 6 months!
  • You have a full six months from time of purchase to complete and turn in your training experience.
  • During that time you can schedule two check in calls (30 minutes each) that can be booked with Cat Caracelo, these serve as both connection and through line.
  • To enhance your experience within this training, additional full coaching sessions may be welcome.
  • Classroom is forever access once you are complete and certification is affirmed, having turned in your experience as a short written, document or video project, sharing visual narrative and reflection, and receive affirmation of completion with badge, distinction and relevant benefits.
  • You will receive affirmation of completion of Advanced training and can used the new distinction and badge of Sacred Journey Process™ Guide.
  • You may at that time build programing around this process…

This special training will be opened for you immediately:

  • Self-paced classroom
  • Recorded group training calls
  • All Materials have been added to enhance the experience and extend your opportunities to lead, coach and guide using this new tool!

The independent Classroom will hold the detailed and experiential continuation training, expanding your Previous CDCC Experience – a simple and easy completion review and creative experience will be turned in and reviewed, this is required to affirm your Sacred Journey Process Guide distinction.


Offer + Bonuses for Coaches:

  1. Sacred Journey Process Guide Training + Distinction 
  2. Check-in Coaching with Cat Caracelo (2 x 30 minutes) 
  3. Audit of CDP (Next Session) can be added at a low cost
  4. Add on coaching package options are available, as needed



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I am excited to have you benefit from extended training held with the possibility to audit, and experience the the new flow and reshaping of the CDP program. The addition of the Sacred Journey Process Guide offers added developmental experience for your coaching and facilitation. This is a new addition that will only be offered to fully trained or concurrent depth coaches.


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