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Selkie Sisters: Six Months of Creative Gathering [Join Anytime]


Selkie Sisters offers a wonderful creative gathering space with simple creative interplay, monthly themes that will evoke landscapes of life.

Create a strong sense of traveling, explore the shapeshifting nature of being a selkie-women in any phase of life. Find inspiration that will guide your creative connections.  


Are you a Selkie Sister?

The mermaid’s mirror, the silver sea, the shallows of a clear cool river…mythic wisdom comes to us in many symbolic, archetypal and mythic forms.

Like her mythic sisters, the mermaid, seal and naiad…Selkie inspires inner wisdom and brings each of us back to our authentic self, original skin, where we can truly uncover our own divine nature.

A deep sea diver, she reflects the potency of being a women and evokes the flexibility of mind, body, spirit and soul, that we need most when navigating the complexities of life.

Selkie or mermaid energies offer us the power of shapeshifting, amplified by flexibility and resilience that brings forth restorative healing and empowerment.

At home on both land and sea, Selkie moves in our awareness inviting us to travel further, explore the depths and expand our own edges where we can discover a new aspect of our story.

The flicker of wisdom held in the watery space of ones own inner wellspring, will evoke a shifting awareness and desire to live in new ways.

What is Selkie Sisters?

  • Selkie Sisters is a low-cost creative community with evocative themes, conversation, process and creative gathering offered each month.
  • A creative community circle, Selkie Sisters is intentional space for being, belonging and becoming.
  • As a Selkie Sister you have access to classroom with monthly themes, guided visualization, easy creative practice, monthly creative gathering (live & recorded), creative invitation and prompts.
  • Together we are exploring our deeper nature, by claiming I am a Selkie Sister.
  • Tap into your inner wisdom, landscapes of life, discovering new stories and developing a creative practice using simple materials.
  • You can join any time, and get the added benefit of materials waiting to explore.
  • Choose to renew, if you wish and continue on with full access to all the past months of materials, while enjoying  current monthly themes and creative journeys as they unfold.
  • Ample ideas for creative play, include resources, mythic inspiration and symbolic references.
  • TWO BONUS SESSIONS are offered to inspire your entering and personal creative process as you step in…recorded calls and open lessons to use right away!
  • Selkie Sisters is always open!
  • Download Call Dates + Times >>


What is Collaborative Creativity?

This is an intentional space, a Collaborative Creative Pod for every-selkie-woman who is seeking their own choice, voice, flexility and flow.

Explore your Selkie Stories with visual narrative, which is a simple approach to creative process using easy paper art forms, such as an art journal, altered book or collaged cards.

You will get to choose your favorite form and play with these different approaches:

For art-making and mark-making, as a Selkie Sister, you may play with art journaling, visual narrative, mixed media, intuitive painting and creative collage. You can include specific practices such as SoulCollage®, Touch Drawing or JourneyCircles™ and/or use a altered book, smashbook or junk journal to explore your Selkie Stories.

What you get in your one payment:

Six Months — $150



  • Mythic + Topical Resources
  • Monthly Theme + Creative Invitation
  • One Creative Zoom Gathering – one hour (add a few minutes if we go over!) each month on the First Friday (live + recorded)
  • Simple suggestions and creative ways of approaching your art
  • Ongoing share space + community connection inside our classroom
  • Bonuses: Sea of Dreams Guided Process, Visioning for 2023 + Waterway Mapping
  • See Selkie Sisters Call Schedule >>
  • Order and receive immediate access in your receipt and/or pop up welcome page!


This is what I know:

Mermaids come to us in many forms…some through a powerful image, the pages of book and others on the silver screen. Many times the mer-folk come in a dream to guide our passage from one place to another.

When the mermaid, naiad, selkie or any goddess of the deep comes as guide. Shapeshifter or muse we are called to listen and respond in new ways.

Where are you dreaming of the sea?

How are you finding your way through tidal rivers, tributaries and watery passages of your life?


You are invited to join us:

Creative living requires us to tap into our deepest resources, our own inner places that run deep. As we explore our own inner waters and landscapes of life, we may find that the deeper we are willing to go the more ease and flexibility is discovered. The depths are often where powerful offerings and treasure will be found.

This is simple, focused and potent creative community, to create together month to month.

Join us, and circle in!  


Refund Policy:

Refund is not available for Selkie Sisters –  you will receive a rich thematic curriculum with program materials that can be used in many ways, for six months or more, as long as you choose to be engaged.