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NEW ReStorying the Sacred Body | a 9 Week Creative eCourse


Three Pay Option or Full Pay

Inspire your art and life with ReStorying the Sacred Body, and explore the power of creativity as a catalyst for awareness, activation and transformation. Global eCourse opens June 1st and journey begins June 7th!.


ReStorying the Sacred Body is a powerful  nine week eCourse that offers a dynamic and layered approach to restorative healing, while honoring, tending and celebrating our own  body, energetic connections and wellness.

We will begin on June 1, 2024
This is a sweet summer process, an all encompassing art as process experience! We will be using many creative approaches to design life and we move through the layers of “that was then and this is now”…the power of this process is to invite clarity, connection and celebrate the Sacred Body in its many expressions. Your reflective energies will be activated as you explore the embodied potential of engaging, uncovering, embracing, exploring and ReStory-ing!
You are invited to travel along the rivers of time, inside of your Sacred Body and discover where stories are planted, placed, stuck or shaped. Where some stories might be ready to be revealed, pealed back, released as they find where to realign.
  • First we will find breath, then engage a sensory activation, new kinds of movement is inspired and initiated through art making that prepares the whole self (body, mind, soul, spirit) for creating within the journey space.
  • We will explore and move through a multilayered process of body mapping, with several options for form and function of materials and creative inquiry.
  • You will explore many nuances and subtle holding places, within the body where information is embedded, and being loosened, exposed, revealed and healed.
  • The wholeness that is discovered within body mapping invites us into an expansive next step process of activating our chakra stories – a new process of inquiry that in complementary yet distinctive.
  • Here we will see how the past, present and future offer reflective energies that are designed to benefit insight and growth, but sometimes hold pain. We seek how stories are interconnected, yet independent and untethered. Here we explore how story is both fragment and whole. We work with symbolic connections, cycles and forms of body talk…finding where stories can be heard, held, honored and released, noticing that some naturally gather to inform the movement of embodied energies or evolutionary awareness.
  • Next we separate and co-create with our stories, building new relationships and clustering them into new distinctive and exciting designs.
  • You will find yourself seeking the living energetic patterns of the Sacred Body, where it is gathering new energies and which of the strengths, abilities, gifts, potential and visceral experiences want to be expressed.
  • The process and layers of creating will offer an amazing experience of considering the deeper wisdom of the Sacred Body, finding where stories are sheltering and which are ready to shift.
  • You will find where restorative healing is ready to deepen, activate and happen. Discover what is ready to be revealed, what new insight, awareness and facets of illumination are being held within the body. You will explore your own understanding the many kind of bodies that are part of your collective, and how they each influence and work through you to inform and inspire healing, feeling and wholeness.
  • You will find yourself honoring, tending and celebrating your Sacred Body in phenomenal ways.
We will Gather + Create:
We create intentional space to explore our stories and witness one another, as women of many experiences, as artists of life who are traveling inside of a sacred body. Zoom Gatherings offer space for art, process, exchange, community and creativity. These are scheduled as “live and led”, held on Sunday or Wednesday with alternate time zones.
The Deeper Reason for Art + Healing:
In this program we will explore topics of our own human experience…
These may include body talk, illness, wellness, energy, expression, healing the heart, organs and origin stories, tissues and tension, sexual expression…unmet needs might include hunger and thirst, variable energies, challenge and circumstance.
We will be exploring function and form, stages of story, layers of life, cellular memory, cycles of time, lost experiences and missing parts.
We will be honoring the body within all of our creative inquiry – creating personal reflection and connection in art, process, words, imagery, symbols, colors movement, music and more.
In addition we will explore a variety of embodied experience with simple somatic practices that will enhance your creating.


This eCourse is an intentional way to meet your body with open arms, honoring, listening, acknowledging and celebrating. It is an amazing creative opportunity to express love, curiosity, depth and desire. Engage a personal journey to discover deeper healing for your own human body. You choose and follow what is most important to you now and create a new narrative as you explore and express your Sacred Body stories.

May we each co-create and grow a sweet and safe space in our bodies that holds powerful wisdom, sweet healing, restoried stories that guide our life and brilliant insights that offer the highest expression of an embodied spirit.

This journey is a beginning that offers lived experiences through art making that are life-changing. These tools can be used regularly, and will create a continuum of understanding that has lasting benefits. Each step of this journey invites and provides a powerful way to meet yourself, explore your stories, understand how symbols can guide us, images evoke our stories and provide a mythopoetic approach to art-making, expression and process can be a cornerstone of healing and guide you meet your own body wisdom and sacred expression.

We will be working with many visual and verbal examples, inspirational readings, creative invitations, journaling prompts and guided meditations that support discovery and art as process. The bonus calls offer the opportunity to expand your life through art as process.

Classroom Opens June 1st

Week one is orientation…

A powerful Nine Week journey begins that is rich with ideas, inquery, expressive art, depth, discovery and process!

Luscious lessons are offered using many techniques and tools to explore your stories….

FOUR group zoom calls, live + led or listen later to the audio and video recording

Immersive Creative Experience + Forever Access


Use any simple art as process to explore – our video library inside the classroom offers tools such as collage, mixed media and process painting – you can explore the many creative ways that are and inspire the full expression of self.

Seek your known and unknown stories as you create with images, symbols and form using your favorite art materials. We will be working with specific mixed-media and collage forms that can include SoulCollage® , JourneyCircles™ and other forms of altered art, assemblage, body mapping will be explored through large mixed media/collage or connected/quilted cards! You may also want to include and explore art journaling, fiber arts, intuitive painting and more.

Art is a language of the soul.

Open to the mystery of your own experiential process, where intuitive and intentional creativity meet depth and journey work!

Take your time exploring the phases of your journey, mapping the path and meeting your deeper needs. You will begin to experience the dance of the past and meet yourself in the current journey, in a new way. The blend of intuitive and intentional creative process will inform and inspire you…this is where creative depth, healing, expression and expansion are activated as experiences come alive.


What You Receive:

  • Global Classroom with forever access to written, audio and video materials
  • Creative Lessons + Art Invitations, Video/Audio and more…
  • Nine Sessions + Guided Journey Meditations
  • Three Creative Zoom Calls  to work with ideas, needs, themes and creative energies.
  • Immersive Journey Experience and creative inspiration
  • Lots of ideas and evocative invitations for art, journey and deep discovery
  • Easy access for all materials and recordings in one dedicated space!


When we gather in community we invite the shared experience, collective energy of women gathering, engaging in deep discovery, seeking the hidden places in our art, discovering the richness that will invite life to be fully expressed.

Experience the intimacy and trust that is forged in a safe and sacred creative circle. 

Build insight and strengthen as you activate deeper intuition. 

Develop a living language of personal myth, metaphor, symbolism and image based narrative in this guided journey.

Find powerful ways of embracing and recognizing “source” within yourself that you have not seen, considered or known before.

Experience safety and create connection as you travel within a circle of kindred women.


Immersive Creative Experience + Forever Access




I can’t wait for you to experience this journey!


Frequently Asked Questions:

New to this work?

Art is a potent way to tell your story and language your life…you will literally find new ways to BE, SEE, FEEL and FLOW in this eCourse.

I can’t make “Art”:

Calling all closet creatives, you will play with mark-making and collage using images, symbols and colors – art as process invites you to feel into your experience. Art created to connect within as you are in process, is very different than art-making with an emphasis on fine art technique. To feel the whole heart, within the journey, is our task. You will have access to a video library with the classroom, and experience fun and powerful ways to create throughout the course, through the lessons.

How will we create?

Newcomers to the journey and long time conscious creatives love the guided journey meditations that inspire, along with video and written art invitations, we will be gathering for zoom video group sessions!


Develop emotional literacy through expressive arts

What Women are Saying:

“I have done so much healing and wholing work in a year’s time within Mythos Journey classes. With much clearing out of old unwanted stories, and unneeded stuff, I have room and energy internally and out to take in so much more of my life.”

“Mythos Journey is the perfect blend of inspiration, structure and creative freedom.”

“Working with Cat has brought greater awareness and consciousness to how I am living my life—I feel seen, acknowledged and deeply inspired by her.”

“Cat is a tremendously wise and compassionate guide and coach.”

“I enjoyed journeying with my fellow journey-sisters who bring their own amazing insights, shared experience and sisterhood in this circle.”


Refund Policy:

Refund is not available for eCourses –  you will receive a rich thematic curriculum with program materials that can be used in many ways, through the scheduled class calls and far beyond with forever access to self-guided classroom and recordings after the initial program is complete.