QuestPath Journal [Print]


QuestPath Companion Journal


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$49 includes journal, shipping + the FREE 33 cards!

Second Journal can be ordered but only one bonus pack of 33 cards in each order.

* 33- 36 JourneyCircles™ + MoonCircles™ cards are valued at $18



You may order your “print and bound” QuestPath Journal 2020-2021 with the whole year that is designed to flow with the sacred wheel of the year – chronological seasonal spreads, moon phases, sacred days and creative prompts with 140 pages +

It will be shipped to you shortly!

Only a few parts of the journal are offered via PDF, in the class. The partial PDF offers the option to print our first seasonal section through December – you can download and print these as one or more pages that you will work with in your creative process.

*if you want the whole year please order!

The book is the best!!

If you want: a flat bound journal + a book with a spine, printed in color on high quality paper to create in like an art journal or to alter and expand this is what you want! Over the years many Quest sisters have ordered two because they love working in them and want to keep a copy clean for inspiration or for cutting for collage.

Order your print copy!

You may order *one or two, but please remember each QuestPath Journal protected by copyright and is only offered for personal use AND is only available to those registered in the QuestPath class.

Orders can be made now through to November 15th, 2020

Shipping is included in the price.

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