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Save My Space – Quest Sisters Only $10


Circle in with your Sisters of the Quest, we begin a new journey on October 23, 2023!

QuestPath: Sacred Wheel + Year of Mythos Journey

Women of my Heart!

QuestPath and all we experience is a gift…

As always I want to honor Quest Sisters — those of you who participate from one year to the next!

This is a simple way to say YES to the new journey beginning October 23rd, and get a deeper discount!

I want to invite you to QuestPath 2023-2024, where you will meet the new energies, myths and materials that extend the archetypal energies within each season. Selkie Stories as a parallel process is new and added this year and we will turn with the Sacred Wheel, finding new source material to enhance your art and life…

You are invited to gather and discover the subtle nature that each Quest reveals.

I have some very special newly designed creative materials for you to enjoy in this years Quest. They will be offered and gifted with some familiar – so optional for you but always low cost and with self-pay shipping!

The link to place your materials is in your welcome page, pop up or use the link in receipt!




VIDEO of New Materials Kit:


For Quest Sisters Only — benefits!

  • Save Your Seat with $10 and SAVE 59%
  • Invoice will be sent by Octfor Full Pay or Payments
  • Full Pay is $674 and Monthly Payment Plan $57 x 12 (Payments October 2023-September 2024)
  • Returning Quest Sisters always get the best discount
  • This save your seat offer is time limited

The Full Page with Details + New Schedule, is here >>>

We will be calling in a new mythic orientation and flow!





For Returning Quest Sisters ONLY

#1 Reserve your class reservation today, with a $10 payment.

#2 Invoice is sent, payment #1 starts October 21st!

#3 Your invoice will come set up for $57 payments (x 12)

#4 If you need to discuss an alternate plan contact me through the form below.

#5 If you want to enhance your experience with 1:1 Quest Coaching please use the form below to get an immediate check in session with me to explore what is most aligned and supportive! Quest Sisters class and coaching bundles offer lots of benefits.





QuestPath Requests

    Send me the details of session and package options.