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Quest Kit for 2023-2024 (Limit 2)

From $33.00

Quest Materials + Exclusive Kit is ready to order!

Your special materials and Gifted Kit includes all in one price by country for shipping and handling!

Limit 2


QUEST KIT is full of Delight!

This is all in one pricing with shipping and handling – by country!

You can order TWO total and shipping has been completed for moist kits!


81+ Cards and Tools [Total]

       Welcome Postcard

       Exclusive Cards + Images

    • NEW Pathways Cards (6 per kit) (12 in a double kit all packaged in one sleeve)
    • NEW Portal, Diana, Grove and Orb cards + original Moon, Spiral Path and Key Cards (60)
    • NEW Venus Cards (6)
    • Special Quest cards added (6)

Book + Special Tools

    • NEW Image Companion Book
    • Moon Wheel + Wheel of Seasons (1 each per order)

The KIT Value is $95 with United States shipping


We have combined the Quest Kit, with Shipping and Handling – this helps to cover cost of printing and the cost of shipping! 

You can order TWO total.

and YES, you can add other products in the shop…



Materials Kit + Shipping and Handling is combined, per kit pricing:

Use dropdown menu to orient your location for shipping!

  • US $33.00 (3-5 days)
  • CANADA $50.00 (10-14 days)
  • UK/EUROPE $58.00 (15-30 days)
  • Australia, Middle East + Africa $82.00 (20-30 days)

Shipping for initial kit orders is complete as of November 2nd and a few kits remain available for newcomers! Refill orders will be available soon for some card types including the new Diana, Tree of Life, Orb and Venus cards.