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MoonCircles™ Kit, Book + Getting Started Videos


MoonCircles™ is a creative process that offers a simple yet profound way to explore your inner wisdom, using image, symbol and narrative to support depth, wisdom + wild!

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MoonCircles™ is powerful creative collage and mixed media process that harnesses the energy of the physical, symbolic and mythic moon. 

Explore the MoonCircles™ process to discover your own symbolic sources of wisdom and wild.

The guidebook offers creative instructions and evocative topics such as Moon Wisdom, Phases of the Moon, Cycles of Life, Moon Lore and Art as Ritual…all offered as creative depth techniques to explore using the MoonCircles™ cards and process..

The accompanying 34-piece kit includes:

  • MoonCircles™ Guidebook
  • 18 – Moon Cards
  • 8 – Star Cards
  • 4 – Night Compass Cards
  • Custom Moon Wheel
  • MoonCircles™ Mini Tote
  • Access Link to Getting Started Classroom + MoonCircles™ Videos

MoonCircles™ + JourneyCircles™ Cards are also available in refills by each card type. If you find that one size, symbol or message is really fun to work with, you can get exactly what you want.

MoonCircles™ can be used in many ways:

  • the cards are double sided, symbolically rich and energetically distinctive.
  • designed to be used as an expressive arts tool, they can be collaged, painted and used as a base for mixed media and/or word-art.
  • used for visual storytelling, expanded process, integrated approaches and pattern play.
  • used as their own unique process and will complement other expressive art forms.
  • create interactive decks that align with moon phases, life cycles, working with specific practices of setting intentions, archetypal messengers, lunar guidance, gratitude and manifesting abundance.

To create MoonCircles™ cards, you will use these materials:

  • Images from magazines, up-cycled books and other sources
  • Papers, scraps and ephemera
  • Your original art on paper or paint directly on the cards
  • Written words or words from magazine and book pages
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick


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