Moon Phase Wheel Bundle (25)

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25 Moon Phase Wheels

The Moon Wheel is a dynamic addition to the MoonCircles and JourneyCircles™ family. A thick velvet finish wheel, with vivid color offers a valuable tool for meeting the moon and working with lunar meaning, metaphor and influence, within any body of work!

These are designed to complement the physical, spiritual, seasonal and active embodied experience and potential held within each phase of the moon. Each side offers a nuanced interactive opportunity, where the wheel can turn and impart information, again and again.

Each ring holds its own specific reflection. On one side, the phase name is connected to specific energetic experience of that particular moon, and on the other side the wheel offers the influence of earth energies, symbolic seasons and activation, reflecting the distinctive influence of that phase.

These wheels have many uses, reference points and can be woven into your work seamlessly!

Perfect for classes, workshops and retreats!

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